Chennai International Airport Passengers Face Luggage Collection Delays; Here’s Why

by Sanmita A
Chennai International Airport Passengers Face Luggage Collection Delays; Here’s Why

Imagine travelling to or from an international destination and getting stuck only for luggage collection. Well, this is the condition of the travellers in Chennai International. As per news reports, travellers arriving from international destination to the Chennai International Airport are facing severe immigration and luggage collection delays. Unfortunately, there are many instances which have led to this poor condition at the Chennai Airport. A few factors being staffing shortage as well as clustering of arrival planes. A VIP at the Chennai Airport said the immigration line was of a 45 minute wait and on the other hand, the luggage arrived to him almost an hour later.

Long Delays Annoy Passengers At Chennai Airport

After receiving repeated complaints regarding the delays at the Chennai airport, the Airport Authorities In India have requested for an additional requirement of staff. Despite the arrangements, travellers in the Chennai airport were bothered by the long hour delays. Such instances take place frequently, but one way or the other do end up having a negative effect on international travellers.

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Facing Such Delays At Airports? Here’s What You Can Do?

Waiting for long hours in the airport is technically a headache. However, there are tons of things that one can do before you board your flight. Probably, you can start by having a schedule. Once you have the schedule, you can plan your day accordingly. To kill time at the airport, you can begin by shopping or browsing at the stores for something interesting. You can do some last minute shopping if you have plans on buying gifts. You can also try the food courts at big international airports, try their specials or least have enjoy some beverage. And if not these, try out the airport lounges which are extremely comfortable and great spaces to relax.

And, honestly, chilling at a lounge makes you feel better. You will hardly remember why were you annoyed and turned bitter for the delays in the first place.

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