Chennai Will Soon Get Its Second Airport At Parandur

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Chennai Will Soon Get Its Second Airport At Parandur

Chennai is soon going to get its second airport at Parandur after waiting for about almost a decade. The airport will be constructed in Parandur which is 70 Km from Chennai along the highway to Bengaluru. The state government had shortlisted two locations, Parandur and Pannur leaving the decision on the Airports Authority of India depending on whichever they found as suitable. Parandur has now been selected as the location that will serve Chennai with its second airport. 

Plan Is To Handle 20 Million Passengers Every Year

Parandur has been finalised as the site for development of the Greenfield airport, the serving airport for Chennai. A new airport will be constructed with two parallel runways and terminals to accommodate about 20 million people annually. It will be transformed into a sizable aerocity with commercial buildings, facilities for maintenance and repairs, and aviation support services. By 2030, travellers will be able to board planes at posh new airports where many flights depart concurrently from separate runways. The completion of the paperwork may now take roughly two years, and the construction of the second airport for the city is expected to take another four to five years. 

Pic Credits: Deccan Herald

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Acquisition Of The 4,000 Acre Site 

The land finalised in Parandur for constructing Chennai’s second airport is situated on the right side of the NH48 to Bengaluru is mostly an agricultural site which is why the acquisition of this land will not be an issue. A few residential clusters will be relocated. The entrance of this swanky new airport is planned to be built on the new Chennai-Bengaluru expressway. The government is also planning to come up with a road that can connect NH48 and the airport. The development of a green field airport is a result of a two stage process of site clearance and in-principle clearance. A detailed report has to be prepared after which the government decides the model that has to be adopted and then applies for licence. 

Pic Credits: The Hindu

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