Have Wedding Food Without An Invitation In Chennai And Here’s How!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Have Wedding Food Without An Invitation In Chennai And Here’s How!

Are you one of those people who love going to weddings only because of the wedding food? High five then. Wedding meals are a paradise in their own little ways and probably the only motivation many a times to attend a wedding. How amazing would it be to have yummy wedding food without having to attend the wedding? Well Chennai foodies are enjoying that same privilege and I am jealous!

Enjoy Wedding Food Without Invitation

M Krishna and MKL Suseela of Suvee Brahmin Caterers is the duo who came up with a unique idea at Shree Hall in December last year. The duo very cleverly discovered this niche in Indian weddings where food is the most important thing. T Nagar’s Sri Balaji Kalyana Mandapam had hosted this event of serving wedding food with the actual wedding and saw a serpentine queue for hours. The duo was overwhelmed with the response. At Padi’s Thirumal Thirumagal Vasantha Mahal, an unlimited leaf service will be introduced this weekend. The menu includes dishes like agrahara akkara vadisal and madapalli thayir sadam, food typically served in temples, and it advertises 29 plates for ₹299.

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A Win-Win For Customers And Caterers Alike

This idea of serving wedding food without any wedding actually taking place is a total win-win for both the caterers and the customers. The customers get to relish the kalyana saapaadu and the caterers can make the best use of available resources during slow work days. The Tamil month called Aadi (July and August) is when this idea takes up the best place as it is considered to be inauspicious for weddings. One of the duo, M Krishna is presently establishing his Suvee Brahmin Mess at Ramakrishnapuram in West Mambalam after being encouraged by the response to his festivities. He claims that the festivals are a fantastic opportunity to network and attract potential clients.

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