Chinese And Chaat Are Ashneer Grover’s Go-To Food Choices

Ashneer Grover loves to gorge on chaat at weddings.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Chinese And Chaat Are Ashneer Grover’s Go-To Food Choices

Ashneer Grover is the former judge of Shark Tank India Season 1 and former co-founder of BharatPe. He shot to fame through Shark Tank India and even though he only appeared during the first season, people are invested in his life. On this Sunday Brunch episode, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, met with him at his residence to discuss his career, food and travel favourites and more. He mentioned that he really loves to eat Chinese food and chaat. Read on to know why he only eats chaat at weddings.

Ashneer Grover’s Favourite Foods Are Chinese & Chaat

We started discussing food favourites and Kamiya asked Ashneer Grover what food items they were going to indulge in at his residence, The Camellias, in Gurgaon. He shared that he loves to eat Chinese food and yummy Indian chaats. So, he was sure that there was going to be Chinese food.

Ashneer also said that he loves chaat so much that whenever he attends a wedding function, he doesn’t care who is getting married. He cares where the chaat section is. It seems like he is like a little kid who attends weddings just for food! We think, most of the readers are guilty of doing this. Comment down below if you are and you are not allowed to cheat.

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We Asked Him To Choose Between Maybach & Porsche

Ashneer Grover
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After the Sunday Brunch section started, they ate some chaats, gol gappes, burrata and more. We played a fun game of ‘This or That’ with Ashneer Grover. Kamiya gave him a choice between Maybach and Porsche. Upon hearing this, he said that it was quite a tough choice.

So he ended up being practical and answered that if there are two persons then Porsche and if more than that then Maybach. Was his answer fair enough? Also, guess what? He is the owner of both these cars! In reality, he can just pick up any keys and go for a drive in these fancy mechanical beasts. Damn!

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