Chinese Woman Gets 23 People On Blind Date To Test Man’s Generosity; Billed ₹2.2 Lakh

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by Sanjana Shenoy
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How’d you test your blind date? Would you wait for him to pull a chair for you, talk to the waiter politely or take your suggestions while ordering? Well, a Chinese woman took her blind date test a wee bit far, when she invited 23 people for dinner to test her date’s generosity. Without any prior intimation, the man entered the restaurant expecting a romantic candle-light dinner with his blind date. Instead, he was shocked to witness 23 of the Chinese woman’s relatives, expecting him to pay the bill costing over ₹2 lakhs. Well, read on to know how this hilarious blind date ended.

Blind Date Gone Sour After Chinese Woman Invites 23 Relatives To Test Man’s Generosity

A Chinese woman took 23 of her relatives for her blind date to test the man’s generosity. Her date, 29-year-old Mr Liu had no clue or prior intimation about the mini-party that awaited him at the fine-dining restaurant. The blind date was set up by his mother. Liu offered to pay for the dinner unaware about his date’s generosity test. In her defence, the Chinese woman wanted to see if he was a dependable-boyfriend material, who’d step up and foot the bill for a whopping group of 23 people. Interestingly, studies show that one in three women go on dates for free food.

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Man Ran Away Leaving Woman & 23 Relatives To Pay Bill Of Over ₹2 Lakhs

Once the dinner was over, and the bill amounted to £2,300 ( ₹2,20,878), Mr Liu remained shell shock. And he immediately ran away from the restaurant. The woman and her family were shocked. And they had to pay the entire bill of over ₹2.2 lakhs after her date fled away. The woman couldn’t contact the man. But later he agreed to pay for his share of the bill. But his condition remained that her 23 relatives must divide the entire amount amongst themselves. This blind date story went viral on social media. Many termed the woman’s test of getting 23 people on a date and expecting the man to foot the bill as shameless and unacceptable. What do you think about this? Meanwhile, enjoy a coffee date at home with these 4 amazing coffee recipes. 


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