Chocoholics, This Bride Wore Kitkat, Eclairs Bridal Jewellery. Watch Video!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Chocoholics, This Bride Wore Kitkat, Eclairs Bridal Jewellery. Watch Video!

Chocoholics, if only chocolate fountains really existed and we could take a dip every other day in sheer goodness! Yes, I’m talking about you chocolate maniacs, where no amount of chocolate ever seems enough. How about taking things up a notch and making chocolate the highlight of your special day? This bride actually wore beautiful bridal jewellery made of chocolates like KitKat, Eclairs and more goodies and she does look gorgeous. Read on!

KitKat Bridal Jewellery Shocks The Internet

Popular make-up artist, Chitra’s make-up studio took to Instagram to show a bride who looked ravishing and really unique. An Instagram reel posted by @_chitras_makeup_artist_28 shows a bride donning an interesting and even delicious-looking hairdo and bridal jewellery. Made of chocolates like Kitkat, 5-star, Eclairs, Ferrero Rocher and even Mango Bite she rocked her bridal jewellery in style.

The chocolate is assembled together to form maang tikas, earrings, necklace and even a waistband. The video starts with a person stapling together Eclair’s chocolates, only to reveal that this was part of the unique bridal jewellery. Dressed in a grand yellow ghagra, wearing chocolate bridal jewellery, the bride twirls around quite comfortably. This just goes to show that perhaps chocolate jewellery might be quite comfortable and even lightweight, as compared to heavy gold jewellery.

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Netizens Say, Keep Kids Away From Her

She seemed to be carrying it really well. This video, obviously went viral on social media garnering over 6.8 million views and 223k likes. Netizens instantly jumped to get a bite of the reel. While one rightly commented that children must be kept away from this tempting chocolate jewellery, another just asked why. Yet another Netizen asked if they didn’t have flowers instead. One hilariously wanted the bride’s jewellery to eat it.

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Well, this bridal jewellery has certainly got a lot of attention on social media. Many are also salivating looking at it. Chocoholics, would you dare to wear such chocolate jewellery on our D-day? Let us know what you think about it.

Cover Image Courtesy: @_chitras_makeup_artist_28/ Instagram