Cook Up A Delectable Meal For The Bride On Aiburobhaat; Top 5 Dishes That Are Must-Keep

by Sanmita A
Cook Up A Delectable Meal For The Bride On Aiburobhaat; Top 5 Dishes That Are Must-Keep

Aiburobhaat calls for serving the best of meals and pampering the bride-to-be in the best ways possible. You need not stick to the usual and ordinary recipes and dishes to serve a great meal to the bride but can easily experiment. You can include the bride’s favourite dishes or add a little more glitz by adding some offbeat dishes. We list some dishes you can easily keep in the aiburobhaat menu and treat the bride-to-be with a fantastic spread.

Aiburobhaat Dishes That Can Be A Part Of Your Spread

1. Bashonti Pulao

The Bashonti Pulao is one of Bengal’s famous rice preparations. It is usually of a bright yellow colour and is sweet in taste. It is one of the dishes which is made and savoured at special occasions. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss out on cooking this delicacy while serving the bride or groom.

2. Prawn Malai Curry

Considering how loved it is, this iconic dish has to be a part of the Aiburobhaat menu. The prawn malai curry, also known as Chingri maacher malai curry, is a beloved dish for Bengalis. If you have the chance, we are sure the bride and groom love this dish too.

Here’s a recipe for this creamy fish dish.

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3. Fish Cutlet

The classic fish cutlet can be prepped with your choice of fish. But it is surely going to add a lot of character to your aiburobhaat menu. Therefore, do consider adding the fish cutlet to the spread and turning it into a delicious meal for the bride/groom.

Here’s a recipe for the bhetki fish cutlet you can easily prepare for the bride/groom:

4. Mutton Kosha

No feast is complete without a flavourful serving of mutton. And mutton kosha is a dish that you must add to your menu. If your bride or groom loves a pulao and mutton kosha, this spread is surely going to make them happy & fulfilled. And you can also try chicken kosha, if not mutton.

Here’s a delicious recipe that you can try for Mutton Kosha:

5. Payesh

The aiburobhaat menu is incomplete with a good bowl of payesh. It is a must include dessert for the Bengalish & a good menu deserves to have this delicacy, along with some soft roshogollah.

Here’s a recipe which can help you prepare a delicious serving of the same.

Well, these are a few dishes which you can include in your menu & impress the bride/groom with the spread.