Chocolate To Reduce Greenhouse Gases? Report States Using A By-Product Can Help Nature To Heal

by Shreya Ghosh

Global warming and its consequences are deadly and we are facing so many of its impacts every single day. Climate changes are real and the intense temperature and sudden changes in weather conditions are the biggest proof of it. Every single human being should start actively working to protect nature and reduce greenhouse gases. The journey is a blend of both easy and difficult conditions but it will surely be worth it in the end. What if we tell you that everyone’s favourite chocolate can help reduce greenhouse gases? Seems surprising, right?

Here’s How Chocolate Can Help To Decrease Greenhouse Gases


Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

A recent report by AFP discusses how something as simple and readily available as chocolate can help in minimising the extreme amount of greenhouse gases at the present moment. It surely feels a bit shocking at first but the entire research simplifies the usage clearly.

While reading EVS and Geography during our school days, we read about biochar, remember? Well, biochar is a by-product formed using cocoa beans. These beans are used during the making of chocolate. The husks of cocoa beans play a major part in the process of controlling greenhouse gases as it produces the biochar for this process.

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According to a report by NDTV Food, the pyrolysis process is conducted to form biochar. Pyrolysis is the heating process of any organic material without any oxygen in the surroundings. The thermal process takes place at about 600 °C.

Biochar & Its Extraordinary Advantages:


Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

This by-product of chocolate looks like a holy grail in this time of dire need to protect the planet. Already rich in carbon, biochar has the ability to reduce the greenhouse gases in nature and the existing carbon. Not just that, this chocolate by-product leads to the formation of biogas.

During the process of biochar production, biogas is formed and we all are aware of the advantages of this green energy source. Biogas helps in lessening the usage of fuels harming the planet. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the UN stated that this biochar can trap about 2.6 billion tonnes of CO2.

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Who would have thought that something as popular as chocolate can be so helpful to protect nature? Well, not exactly chocolate, but it is a by-product produced while making chocolate.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons