Chug Along In A Mini Train Through The Scenic Veli Village Of Kerala In Just ₹60

by Sanjana Shenoy
Chug Along In A Mini Train Through The Scenic Veli Village Of Kerala In Just ₹60

Imagine sitting put in a cosy little train as you glide through the coconut tree plantations in Kerala. Well, now your imagination can actually turn into a reality. A solar-powered 10 feet mini-train will come up in Kerala by October end. And for just ₹60 you can travel to the scenic Veli village in the state. The solar-powered 10 feet locomotive shall accommodate 48 passengers with two crew members. So, get ready to commute in a charming mini-train alongside the vacationer village of Veli. Interestingly, Kerala also has India’s first solar-powered ferry saving 1 lakh litres of diesel. 

Solar-Powered Mini Train To Take You Around Veli Village In Kerala

The solar-powered mini train will have an engine modelled on the outside of a yesteryear steam engine. According to The Hindu, it shall chug along the idyllic Veli tourist village within the capital. The 10 feet locomotive with a worldwide design can ferry 48 passengers with two crew members. Tourism Minister Kadakampally revealed on September 12 that it will be out there for people who want to visit Veli from October. Kerala recently opened for tourism and issued new guidelines. 

Picture Credits: The Hindu

The mini train will be part of the 100 initiatives of the Left Democratic Entrance authorities. It will come into existence after completing trial runs and commendable tuning operations. During the course of 1.76 km journey, passengers can witness a historically modelled station, tunnel, and rail bridge. Synthetic fumes within the steam locomotive shall add to the thrill of the experience.

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Train To Ferry Passengers To The Opposite Side Of the Village For ₹60

Old style arm alerts, extra tracks for facilitating practice crossings add the aestheticism with security to the 40-minute journey. The other attraction here are the locomotive engines across the old style. Kerala State Cooperative Tourism Federation (Tourfed) shall operate this solar-powered mini train. The sleekly designed coaches can have rooftop photovoltaic panels to directly attract energy. Passengers can get on the mini train from the mini-railway station, named Veli Village. This mini-train will ferry passengers to the opposite side of the village over a 60m railway bridge constructed parallel to the current floating bridge. Tourists can then go across the synthetic mound tunnel and reach the Pozhikara station.

Picture Credits: Facebook/ Quilon Miniature Railway

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Bengaluru-based San Engineering Locomotives built the locomotives and coaches. The Uralungal Labour Contract Society executed the ₹9-crore miniature rail venture for Kerala Tourism. This venture is part of the continuing ₹50-crore growth work within the vacationer Veli village to extend tourism footfalls.  Well, so now you can chug along a mini train and tour the scenic Veli village in Kerala for just ₹60. Meanwhile, take a virtual tour at the train museum in Delhi through this video.