Cockroach Biryani Is A Regular Thing? 5 Times People Found Roaches In Their Beloved Biryanis

by Shreya Ghosh
Cockroach Biryani Is A Regular Thing? 5 Times People Found Roaches In Their Beloved Biryanis

Many of us have heard incidents of people finding insects and other creepy crawlies in dishes served at restaurants. Unfortunately, some of us even had to face something as terrible as this. Despite authorities taking strict actions against such places, we still come across such news every other day. Recently, someone was served biryani with an unexpected helping of a cockroach at a restaurant.

Foodies & Their Experiences Of Getting A Cockroach In Biryani

1. Meridian Restaurant In Pajagutta

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Nikhil (@NikhilM65) has shared images of finding a cockroach in biryani.

In the post, he shared how he ordered Mutton biryani at Meridian restaurant in Pajagutta. After receiving the order, he found a cockroach on his plate of biryani instead. Not just the roach, he even faced a miserable experience of finding a fly in his food previously.

The Assistant Food Controller GHMC replied stating that “the Establishment has been temporarily closed due to certain other issues”. An audit cannot be conducted due to this reason.

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2. 5 Star Biryani Center

Picture credit- Canva

Back in July 2023, a couple found a cockroach while eating biryani at a restaurant in Tamil Nadu. Named 5-Star Biryani, this is a restaurant located in Arani Nagar. A couple from the Nethappakkam village visited this restaurant and ordered mutton biryani and a few non-vegetarian delicacies, according to a report by the India Herald. They spotted a dead roach in the served biryani.

3. Captain Cook Restaurant

Picture credit- Canva

Back in September 2021, a customer named M Arun found a cockroach in his biryani. He placed a takeaway order for chicken biryani from Captain Cook Restaurant in Hyderabad’s Ameerpet, according to a report by Times Now. After informing the restaurant about this inconvenience, the eatery apologised to him. Later, he lodged a complaint with the district forum. Lastly, the commission made an order for Captain Cook Restaurant to compensate ₹20,000 to Arun and also pay ₹10,000 for the hearing costs.

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4. Puri-Howrah Satabdi Express

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Amit Mukherjee (@AmitMuk42127175) shared his experience.

Amit boarded Shatabdi Express Train no. 12278 while travelling to Howrah from Puri on February 8, 2019. He shared a few images of the roach found in a packet of chicken biryani served on the train.

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5. PVR Sujana Mall, Hyderabad

Picture credit- Canva

Back in the year 2018, someone found a cockroach in a dish served at the PVR Sujana Mall in Hyderabad, according to a report by The NEWS Minute.

Have you ever experienced something like this?

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Nikhil (@NikhilM65), Canva