Roaches Spotted In JW Marriott Kolkata’s Bakery And The Cockroach MET Gala Afterparty Looks Fun

by Tooba Shaikh
Roaches Spotted In JW Marriott Kolkata’s Bakery And The Cockroach MET Gala Afterparty Looks Fun

It’s time we finally admit it. We’re just the side characters, the world actually belongs to cockroaches. After a stunning appearance at the MET gala red carpet which left half of us in awe and the other half jealous, cockroaches were found celebrating with a lot of delectable desserts, maybe it was their MET gala after party, in the JW Bakery in JW Marriott Kolkata. Clearly, the roaches have developed a taste for opulence and finer things in life.

Cockroaches In JW Marriott Kolkata’s Bakery


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A recent video on the popular social media platform Instagram shows multiple cockroaches lingering not just around the pastries and dessert items, but also on them. Such faux pas is associated with your nukkad wala mithai ki dukaan but not with a place as prestigious as JW Marriott Kolkata.

The video shows multiple cockroaches that are very apparent through the glass case. The video was posted by a Bengali actress, Misty Sing. The caption supplementing the video expresses her disgust at the incident. Since it was posted, it has garnered more than 37 thousand likes and even more views.

Many people in the comment section have shared their own experiences from when they worked at similar high-profile restaurants. This has sparked a conversation about the lack of hygiene at such hotels even when they’re paid exorbitant amounts of money.

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Sparks Conversation About Hygiene At High-Profile Hotels

Many people have taken to the comment section and shared their own unsavoury experiences, most of them while working in high-profile hotels. One commenter said that they worked at JW Marriott Kolkata for a while and their lack of hygiene forced many workers to wear masks and gloves in the kitchen.

They also added that they never consumed anything from the buffet or bakery for the same reason. The comment also mentioned that the kitchen made huge batches of biryani instead of making it fresh each day. And in order to make it seem fresh, they used huge amounts of Sodium.

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