Come Holi, This Whole Village In Bihar Becomes Vegetarian For A Day And Celebrate Satvik Holi

village in Bihar
by Vaishalee Kalvankar

India’s favourite festival, Holi, is just around the corner, and the preparations are in full swing. There is enthusiasm in the air as people across the country await this festival with loads of excitement. Every state in the country has a unique way to celebrate this festival. But this village in Bihar goes vegetarian for a day on Holi and tends to celebrate Satvik Holi. Here’s why. 

Village In Bihar Celebrates Satvik Holi 

A village in Bihar named Sowan, which is located in the Buxar district, celebrates Holi in its own unique way. While on the occasion of Holi we tend to prepare a variety of savoury and sweet dishes, this village walks in a completely different direction. Instead of consuming various delicacies, on this day the people in this village go vegetarian. 

The people from this village consume non-vegetarian food for the rest of the year, but on Holi they consume only Satvik Bhojan. The village has been following this tradition for years now. There is no religious significance to consuming vegetarian food on Holi, but the people in Sowan do follow this. 

They celebrate Satvik Holi and worship Baba Bhuar Nath. The people in this village have been following this tradition since childhood and have passed it to their kids. 

village in Bihar

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People Settled In Abroad Too Celebrate This Festival

The people from this village in Bihar who have settled down in foreign countries, make it a point not to miss this festival. They tend to visit their native village every year and celebrate it with their loved ones. 

People play Rang-Gulal in the morning, take a bath, practise meditation in the afternoon, and then wear new clothes. They then visit the Baba Bhuar Nath temple and pay their respects to the deity. After this, people apply Abir-Gulal to the Shivling in the temple and then apply it to each other. 

This is not the only village in India that celebrates Holi differently. There are many such villages; after all, India is a land of diversities. 

village in Bihar

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