Man Caught Smoking Onboard In Air India Delhi-Bound Flight; Says He’s A Chain Smoker

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Man Caught Smoking Onboard In Air India Delhi-Bound Flight; Says He’s A Chain Smoker

These days you must have come across many incidents where passengers caused inconvenience to others mid-flight. In another incident, a passenger caused inconvenience on a Delhi-bound Air India flight. On flight AI-763, a man was caught smoking mid-flight. After being apprehended, the man admitted to being a chain smoker during the investigation. Here is the full story about this incident. 

Man Caught Smoking On Air India Flight

Passengers behaving in a disruptive manner has almost become a trend these days when it comes to Indian airlines. On the list of bizarre incidents, a man onboard a Delhi-bound Air India flight was caught smoking. Smoking is not allowed in the aircraft, but the man tried his luck by sneaking into the lavatory of the plane. 

The man was identified as Anil Meena. The Airbus A321-equipped aircraft was operating the daily scheduled route AI 763 between Kolkata and New Delhi. He was taken for investigation, where he revealed that he went into the restroom with a matchbox and cigarette. 

Pic credits: Needpix

The smoke spread out of the lavatory and caused the fire alarm to ring. As the alarm rang, the crew members were alerted to the situation. As soon as the crew member caught the man, Delhi’s ATC (Air Traffic Control) was informed about the same. After the plane landed at its destination, he was handed over to the police. 

During interrogation, the man revealed to the authorities that he is a chain smoker. 

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Not The First Time Really

This is not the first time that a passenger has been caught smoking midair. About less than two months ago, a 62-year-old man was caught smoking inside the restroom on a SpiceJet plane. He was handed over to the police and then let out on bail. 

In another incident, an American Airlines flight between New York and Delhi is said to have had a student who was intoxicated. He reportedly relieved himself on another male passenger earlier on Sunday while under the influence. 

The incident took place on flight AA292, which left from New York at 9:16 pm and reached Delhi at 10:12 pm after a long journey of 14 hours and 26 minutes. The accused, a college student in the US, urinated while dozing off. 

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