Contestant Makes Avocado And Salmon Roe Pani Puri On MasterChef Australia; It’s A Thing And We’re Losing It

by Mallika Khurana
Contestant Makes Avocado And Salmon Roe Pani Puri On MasterChef Australia; It’s A Thing And We’re Losing It

If there is one food item in the world that can lift anybody’s mood instantly, it is pani puri. No matter what you call it, gol gappa, puchka, or pani puri, the emotion is the same. We have all had many instances where we felt huge waves of happiness with every gol gappa we enjoyed. This is one dish we will never get over. *unconditional love, if you will* These balls of happiness have also been the victim of many experiments, and it never sits well with the foodies. Be it banana pani puri or chocolate pani puri, it simply feels wrong. Well, it looks like the pain is nowhere near its end. The avocado and salmon roe pani puri is here to mess with us.

Avocado And Salmon Roe Pani Puri On Masterchef Australia

Just because we love avocados and they are super-healthy, that doesn’t mean they can be included in every dish. Especially the precious ones, like pani puri, should be completely out of bounds. But because it isn’t, Adi Negi, a contestant on Masterchef Australia 15, made avocado and salmon roe pani puri in an episode. *trying to hold back my tears

Ishita Sengupta, a Twitterati, recently posted on Twitter about this episode and shared her misery with the world. In her caption, she shared that it’s time to unsubscribe from Hotstar. Being of Indian origin, it is safe to assume that Adi Negi is aware of the integrity of the original roadside pani puri. However, it didn’t stop her from giving this a bizarre spin. Naturally, the Internet wasn’t impressed and shared their disappointment in the comment section.

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This Experiment Enraged Twitteratis

This post got more than 420K views, and a lot of people expressed their shock and anger. While some couldn’t believe this weird combination, others found it offensive. One user even shared that he actually had avocado pani puri at a fancy restaurant, and I didn’t find it as bad as he expected it to be. A Twitterati also compared this discomforting experiment with Adipurush, the latest Om Raut movie.

Another user rightly pointed out that the experiments conducted by vloggers on Instagram are much more disheartening (think Gulab Jamun Samosa). Many users expressed how they were done with these experiments and urged everyone not to make pani puri go through such torture. Truly, this avocado and salmon roe pani puri is something else. Take a look at the comments yourself:

There is no telling when this misery will end.

*sobs in a corner*

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Ishita Sengupta