CR: Maharashtra’s New Amravati Station Becomes A Pink Station; Run By Women Only Staff

by Shreya Ghosh
CR: Maharashtra’s New Amravati Station Becomes A Pink Station; Run By Women Only Staff

New Amravati station of the Central Railways achieved a historical feat recently. It is now the first station in Bhusaval Division to become a Pink Station. Getting the rank of Pink Station means that all the operations are going to be taken care of by women only. Groups of all-women staff are in control of managing everything at the station. Central Railways recently inaugurated it.

Here Are Glimpses Of Central Railways’s Third Pink Station

Raosaheb Patil Danve, Union Minister of State for Railways, Coal and Mines, took to the social media platform ‘X’ to share some pictures of the station and the smooth operations by women employees.

New Amravati Station in Maharashtra is now decked up in pink lights and the visuals look beautiful. Along with being the first in the Bhusaval Division, it is also the third station of the Central Railway to become a Pink Station. Women are now exclusively managing everything here.

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Before this, we saw Ajni station in the Nagpur division and Matunga station in the Mumbai division becoming Pink Stations. Skilled women professionals are managing everything happening at these places.

Here Are All The Details Of Maharashtra’s New Amravati Station:

Pink Station
Picture credit- Raosaheb Patil Danve Twitter (@raosahebdanve)
  • Right now, a team of 12 women staff is managing the operations here.
  • According to the press release issued by the Central Railway, the all-women staff consists of 4 deputy station superintendents, 4 points women, 3 railway protection personnel, and 1 station ticket Booking Agent.
  • A total of about 380 passengers travel at the New Amravati Station regularly.
  • This team of 12 women staff takes care of all operations taking place at the third Pink Station of the Central Railways. From helping passengers if required to operating proper functions, the team does it all.
  • Also, at the present moment, New Amravati Station is managing the operations of 10 trains.

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The inauguration of the Pink Station shows how women have lots of potential and skills to join the field and even run and control something as major as railway services. This is yet another representation of forward-thinking, inclusivity, and an excellent step to put an end to gender inequality.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Raosaheb Patil Danve (@raosahebdanve)