4 Creamiest Lassis And Shakes In Kolkata To Quench Your Thirst In Sweltering Heat

by Ishita Agarwal
4 Creamiest Lassis And Shakes In Kolkata To Quench Your Thirst In Sweltering Heat

Summers in Kolkata are more about humidity than they are about the heat. During the summer, the city’s mercury levels are likely lower than those seen in the country’s northern regions. But oh my God, the humidity here is killing me! The exhaustion of Kolkata’s summer mornings is so great that many individuals are almost breathless by the end of the workday. Fortunately, the city offers some of the creamiest lassis to quench your thirst in the sweltering heat. So, where to find these amazing shakes in Kolkata? Here are 4 options: 

1. Shiv Asram Sherbat Lassi

Shiv Asram, a delectable beverage corner operating since 1973, serves exquisite smoothies, lassi, and thandai. One of the few places in the city where you can legally buy bhaang-infused thandai, this place is most renowned for its Holi speciality drink. Simple syrup beverages and milk-based smoothies in various flavours are lighter options. Coolers cost between INR 20 and INR 45 per person. 

Where: 168, Bidhan Sarani, Maniktala, Kol : 700006

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2. Paramount Sherbats & Syrups

Regarding fresh juices, Kolkatans know and trust Paramount Sherbets in College Square, which has been in business for almost a century. The sherbet store, which opened in 1918, has seen a lot – from secret revolutionary meetings to overthrow the Brits to post-college flings. Take a look at yourself for a bit. 

You can find lists of famous people who’ve dined there, vintage artworks, and articles praising their drinks. Every Kolkatan’s favourite sherbet, Paramount’s Daab-er, has matured well over the years. It’s a refreshing drink of coconut water, syrup, ice cubes, and coconut meat that costs INR 60. 

Where: 1, Bankim Chatterjee St, College St, Kol:73


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3. Esplanade More Lassi Shop

Mango lassis topped with makha Sandesh, cherry, and dried fruits may be found at the beginning of the alley, just across from the Esplanade Post Office. Street shopping is a big draw in Kolkata’s Esplanade, which also contains some of the city’s oldest businesses. Shoppers and businesses may rely on the lassi establishments in this area during the sweltering summer months. 

Where: Beside KC Das, Esplanade More 



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4. Camac Street Khus Khus Sherbat

Are you tired of shopping and want to have some amazing shakes in Kolkata. Then, this shop in front of Pantaloons, 2 mins from Vardhan Market, will treat you with amazing khud khus sharbat. After a tiring day in this summer heat, sharbat is all we want. Khus Sharbat, an ayurvedic digestive beverage that is green in colour, should be the beverage of choice in this situation. So, waiting for what? Mark this location for your next outing. 

Where: In front of Pantaloons, 2 mins from Vardhan Market

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