Crystal Clear Waters, Amazing Spices & A Lot More Beachy Fun. Add Zanzibar To Your Must-Visit List

by Shreya Rathod
Crystal Clear Waters, Amazing Spices & A Lot More Beachy Fun. Add Zanzibar To Your Must-Visit List

We are always looking for new and offbeat locations to travel to. Something that is not known to many but offers you immense satisfaction. Well, if you are looking for such a place; we have got you covered. Located in the Indian Ocean, this little island of Zanzibar has so much to offer. Apart from a mix of influences from many cultures, this place is known for its spice market, pristine beaches and historic monuments. Here is why Zanzibar should be on your travel list.

Zanzibar: A Must-Visit Paradise

Credits: Flickr/ Richard Davies

Zanzibar, also known as Unguja, is a group of fifty-two islands located on the eastern side of the African continent. Among them are Tumbatu, Mafia Island, and Pemba – a semi-autonomous region in Tanzania. Though the island has its own airport, many tourists take a ferry ride to reach here from Dar es Salaam. Zanzibar has been around for quite some time and remnants of ancient civilisation, right from the Persians to the British and Portuguese, exist here. The fascinating island life and tropical beaches will leave you awestruck. Moreover, locals are very supportive and welcoming towards tourists and visitors.

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Historic Places In Paradise

stone town
Credits: Wikimedia

Zanzibar’s capital Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can see a mix of Swahili and Islamic cultures in the architecture throughout the city. Further, there are many historic sites like the House Of Wonders, the Museum Of Culture, and many others for you to visit. Also, city markets like Darajani Market are bustling with their products including seafood, spices, handicrafts, etc. Most importantly, there is an epic seafood night market at Forodhani Garden which is a must-visit. Besides, houses are old and crafted with coral limestone. You can see that Stone Town has preserved its tranquillity and laid-back lifestyle.

Changuu Island is also called Prison Island due to its history of slave trade. This place hosts an informative Slave Trade Museum that sheds light on century-old events. Today, it is a famous place to see giant turtles and also other creatures. This place is great for a one-day trip.

Pristine Beaches Of Zanzibar

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This country is known for its pristine beaches and turquoise water. The warm and sunny tropical sunlight is great for beach outings in Zanzibar. Nakupenda Beach is one of the serene beaches where you can spend your time bathing in sunlight and appreciating the fresh air. It is a great place to disconnect from noisy cities and embrace calmness.

Another popular coastal attraction is Nungwi Beach. It is rated among the most popular beaches and has many beach resorts around. Moreover, you can experience a gorgeous sunset here.

Wildlife Of The Island 

Credits: Pexels

Zanzibar is not only known for its beaches but also for the rich wildlife that it houses. Moreover, wild animals like cheetahs and lions are intimately introduced to each guest. All animals in the wildlife sanctuary are rescued. You will surely have an exciting day while exploring this place.

Water Sports In Zanzibar

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Since this place is an island, it hosts various water sports that you should try. If you love adventure sports, then try snorkelling, diving and windsurfing. Also, you can try going fishing and parasailing as well. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and sports.

Spice Market And African Cuisine

spice market
Credits: Wikimedia

This might be a burn for Indians, but Zanzibar is known worldwide for its spices. They have spice plantations where cinnamon, chillies, and nutmeg among other things are grown. It is believed that the island has a favourable environment for growing these flavourful spices.

Zanzibar has a rich culinary heritage and you can try delectable dishes as well. Among the restaurants here, The Rock and Ubora Restaurant are popular dinings for delicious seafood dishes. You can relish traditional rice dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

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Visiting this place will give you a different experience altogether. So, what are you waiting for? Make plans! And, don’t forget to share your Zanzibar travel tales with us.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia