CT Review: Silly’s Avant-Garde Dhokla, Komdi Ambat Thikat, & Thandai Tres Leches; Hits, Misses, & Delicious Discoveries

We decided to check out the newly-opened Silly in Delhi and this is what our experience was like.

by Mallika Khurana
CT Review: Silly’s Avant-Garde Dhokla, Komdi Ambat Thikat, & Thandai Tres Leches; Hits, Misses, & Delicious Discoveries

After pleasing all Mumbaikars, Silly, the amazing restaurant, came to Delhi. Ever since it opened, we have been waiting to experience everything it offers. And finally, last week, we decided to check it out. As we stepped inside, we were greeted by a serene ambiance, with lush greenery adorning every corner of the indoor seating area. The biophilic theme breathed life into the restaurant, casting a spell of tranquillity with earthy tones of beige and brown.

Yet, the true gem of Silly in Delhi revealed itself as we ascended to the terrace, where the majestic silhouette of the Qutub Minar stole the spotlight. With the bar nestled atop the rooftop, we found ourselves immersed in a picturesque setting, perfect for soaking in the gentle breeze and savouring the delights of Silly.

The Culinary Adventure Begins At Silly Delhi

But let’s talk about the real star of the show—the food. We embarked on a culinary adventure, sampling an array of dishes from Silly Delhi, each one promising to tantalise our taste buds in unique ways. So, how did it fare? Let’s dive in and discover the flavours that awaited us at Silly.

Starters: A Mixed Bag Of Flavours

Silly Delhi
Photo Credits: Mallika Khurana

We started the evening with the ‘Avant-Garde Dhokla’. It is one of the bestsellers and one of the most recommended starters at Silly. It is basically your good ol’ dhokla layered with cream cheese, spicy jalapeno, garlic chutney, and some tempura-fried jalapenos. The cream cheese worked well with the dhokla and the spiciness of the jalapeno was a nice touch. However, if you’re expecting a totally WOW-worthy dish, then this is not it. It is a good starter but didn’t quite live up to its hype. So, it wasn’t exactly a hit or miss for us; it floated somewhere in the middle.

Next, we dove into disappointment with ‘Sante’, one of their signature cocktails. Despite its promising combination of lime aroma, kaffir lime notes, and pickled jalapeno texture, it failed to leave a lasting impression, lacking standout flavours.

Thankfully, we had ‘Paneer Tikka Popcorn’ to munch on. If you’re looking for the perfect bar snack, then these are absolutely delicious! Served with a creamy chutney, this snack is the perfect complement to your drinks. The paneer is fried in a spicy tempura batter and served with more spices on top. This flavourful snack was certainly made better by ‘Fragaria’, another cocktail much recommended by their team. It is the perfect drink to start your evening on a refreshing note. It features fresh strawberries, Thai basil, and lime juice. Light, smooth, and bursting with invigorating flavours, it sets the perfect tone for the culinary adventure ahead.

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From Maharashtrian Zest To Far-Eastern Fusion

Silly Delhi
Photo Credits: Mallika Khurana

Next on the menu was a classic from Silly’s home state, Maharashtra. ‘Kombi Ambat Thikat’ is a bold Maharashtrian dish. From the first bite itself, you will feel the zesty embrace of Maharashtrian flavours, with succulent chicken wrapped in a spicy and tangy sauce. The addition of fried curry leaves elevates both flavour and texture, creating a tantalising experience.

The spice metre of this particular dish was quite high and we had to resort to drinks for balance. ‘Vertical Horizon’ is a tea-based cocktail on their menu, one that we were particularly excited to try. It offered a potent blend of orange liqueur infused with chamomile and oolong tea, accented by elderflower liqueur. The distinct tea notes added depth to this enticing cocktail, delivering a delightful sensory journey. For lovers of Negroni seeking a twist, we also recommend the ‘Chocolate Negroni’. Infused with bitter cacao nibs and dark roast coffee beans, it tantalises the senses with rich aromas. However, the chocolate notes are more pronounced in scent than taste.

By the time we were done with these offerings, we were quite satiated. However, their menu had a lot more we wished to try, like their ‘Far Eastern Spice Pizza’. A Neapolitan pizza with a Thai curry base? Yes, we were just as intrigued as you all might be! This pizza came with a green Thai curry as the base sauce, with chillies, basil leaves, cherry tomatoes, and more veggies on top. This Thai-Italian adventure actually turned out quite well. The curry and chillies add a great spiciness to the pizza and make it a good option for people who like a well-seasoned pizza. We tried the vegetarian version of this dish but it is also available in a non-vegetarian variant as well. You can try it with a chicken or prawn topping, as per your preference.

Dim Sum Delights And Balinese Sweetness

Photo Credits: Mallika Khurana
Photo Credits: Mallika Khurana

Their dim sum varieties were also quite enticing and since we couldn’t pick one of them, we chose two. The ‘Coriander Prawn Dim Sums’ looked really appetising. We delighted in these juicy dim sums, encased in a vibrant blue pea flower skin. They burst with flavours of lemon leaves, Thai ginger, and spiced chicken. Each bite, crowned with a whole prawn, was a symphony of taste and texture. The ‘Spicy Street Style Chicken Dim Sums’, however, didn’t really meet expectations. While the blend of water chestnuts, chives, and spicy chicken offered a flavourful experience, we found it slightly dry. A dish with potential, yet craving a touch more juiciness.

As part of the main course, we ended up ordering ‘Veg Balinese Curry’ at Silly Delhi. Served with sticky rice, this curry is almost like a sweeter, Balinese version of Thai curry. This curry is made with flavourful herbs and candlenuts and has a sweet-tangy taste. The veggies in it added a delicious flavour to the curry and ended the dish on our list of hits here. They also serve a side of little poppadoms with the dish and it puts together the whole dish nicely. We paired this one with the ‘Break me Down’ cocktail. It was a perfect drink to conclude the evening with a sweet sensation. It is a milk-clarified cocktail featuring watermelon, strawberry, and hints of biscoff spread. Offering a dry yet satisfying finish, it’s the perfect choice for those with a penchant for sweetness. We also tried ‘Blooded Knees’ and it was perhaps the perfect cocktail of the evening. This gin-based concoction boasts citric notes of blood orange and acacia honey. Smooth and infused with bold fruity flavours, it is topped with dried citrus for a visually stunning presentation.

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Sweet Conclusions

Thandai Tres Leches and Tiramisu
Photo Credits: Mallika Khurana

Since no meal is ever complete without some desserts, we ended up ordering two from the menu – ‘Tiramisu’ and ‘Thandai Tres Leches’. Let’s start with the tiramisu. It was served with a side of deconstructed tiramisu, which basically has mascarpone filling (with hints of coffee) served with chocolate-coated lady finger biscuits. While the presentation – complete with smokey effects – was quite impressive, it failed to leave our taste buds impressed. The bitter-sweet ratio of dessert was nice but the overall taste failed to rouse the dessert lover in us! Thankfully, the other desert worked quite well for us. The ‘Thandai Tres Leches’ caught our attention on the dessert menu and it ended up being a good choice! From the melt-in-the-mouth cake to the thandai flavours, everything worked harmoniously for this dessert. The cardamom flavours in the thandai poured on the cake were surprisingly good. So, if you do wish to try a dessert here, the Thandai Tres Leches have our vote of confidence at Silly Delhi!

In conclusion, Silly offered a unique fusion of flavours and experiences, leaving us craving more!

Where: Level 3-4, Crescent Building, Mehrauli, Chatri Wala Kuan, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi
When: 12 pm – 1 am
Cost: ₹2,000 (For two)

Cover Image Courtesy: Mallika Khurana

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