CT Throwback: A Look Back At 6 Unique Ways Drinks & Bars Got Elevated In India In 2023

Discover how India's bars, spirits, and culture set the stage for unforgettable libation adventures!

by Mallika Khurana
CT Throwback: A Look Back At 6 Unique Ways Drinks & Bars Got Elevated In India In 2023

Step into the time capsule as we bid farewell to the whirlwind that was 2023! This year didn’t just pass by; it blazed a trail of cocktail-laden adventures, redefined how we sip, and celebrated India’s knack for turning mixology into an art form. As we bid adieu to 2023, it leaves us with a treasure trove of moments—where every clink of a glass, every innovative bar, and every tech-savvy vending machine purchase painted a vivid picture of India’s love affair with libations. Cheers to a year that mixed tradition with tech, culture with cocktails, and spun stories with every pour!

India’s Diverse Bar Renaissance In 2023

1. Agave Alchemy At Barfly: A Fusion Of History And Culture In Goa


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Nestled amidst the vibrant tapestry of Goa’s hospitality landscape, Barfly emerged as a captivating haven on August 25th, 2023. Founded by a team of visionaries, including Karrtik Dhingra, Shyaam Khurana, Bipin Sibal, and Tarun Sibal, Barfly reimagines a 150-year-old Portuguese-Goan Bungalow, seamlessly blending authentic flavours and cultural allure.

The Agave Bar beckons connoisseurs to indulge in innovative concoctions such as El Gusano and Caprese, each embodying a narrative of adventure, discovery, and evolution in the realm of spirits. Meanwhile, “Tales from the Villa” presents modern twists on classic libations like the Caramel Milk Punch and Melon Negroni, each rooted in the rich history of Barfly’s Villa. Envisioned as a gathering space for friends and families, Barfly beckons patrons to revel in authentic flavours, fostering moments of togetherness and pure delight amidst the magical tapestry of Goa.

Where: Assagao, Goa
When: 1 pm – 12 am
Cost: ₹1,000 (For two)

2. Therapy Cocktail Bar: The Art Of Escape, Opened In 2023

Opened in 2023, Therapy Cocktail Bar emerged as a sanctuary amidst the bustling rhythm of Mumbai life, offering an expansive menu boasting over 100 tantalising cocktails. Situated in Khar, this haven isn’t just about libations; it’s an experience promising solace and rejuvenation.

The bar’s diverse menu caters to discerning palates, featuring classic, contemporary, and signature cocktails. Beyond libations, Therapy seeks to be more than a mere bar; it aims to be a refuge, where patrons forge new memories, unwind, and engage with friendly bartenders.

The ambiance is carefully curated, offering a vibe perfect for memorable nights out with friends. Additionally, including arcade games adds a nostalgic charm. It complements the array of cocktails and bar food, creating an immersive experience that beckons patrons back week after week.

Where: Khar, Mumbai
When: 2 pm – 1:30 am
Cost: ₹1,000 (For two)

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3. India’s Representation In Asia’s 50 Best Bars List


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India’s thriving bar culture made its mark on the global stage in 2023 when four esteemed bars secured positions on Asia’s 50 Best Bars list. Delhi’s Sidecar soared to the 18th spot, leading the Indian contingent. It was followed by Mumbai’s The Bombay Canteen (35th), Copitas in Bangalore (38th), and The Living Room, another Mumbai gem, securing the 48th spot. This recognition underscores India’s growing influence in the world of mixology and hospitality.

4. Mohulo: India’s First Sipping Gin, A Tribute To Tradition And Innovation


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Mohulo, India’s pioneering sipping gin, unravels a narrative that intertwines tradition and innovation. Crafted by Varun Jain, inspired by the Mahua flower’s essence, and brought to life by renowned artist Jamie Baxter, this elixir is a testament to India’s botanical richness.

This unique gin is a fusion of delicate florals, vibrant citrus, and juniper’s embrace. It certainly elevates Mahua’s subtle sweetness alongside classic gin botanicals. It embodies an alchemical process that merges tradition with modern distillation techniques, resulting in a sensory symphony that celebrates India’s heritage with every sip. This beauty certainly became a home bar essential in 2023!

5. South India’s First Alcohol Vending Machine In Chennai

Chennai welcomed the first alcohol vending machine in South India, a high-tech innovation introduced by the Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Ltd. (Tasmac). Installed at Elite stores, this machine revolutionises liquor purchasing by offering a hassle-free experience through online payments or cash transactions, ensuring sales at the designated MRP.

The vending machine, a pilot project, aims to streamline sales, eliminating overcharging complaints. Supervised by managers or employees, this automated system ensures responsible sales. It also restricts underage access and provides a convenient, tech-driven approach to purchasing alcohol.

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6. Textile-Inspired Cocktail Menu At PCO Mumbai

PCO Mumbai is nestled in Kamala Mills and celebrated for its clandestine charm. It recently introduced a new cocktail menu inspired by the area’s rich textile history. Each cocktail here pays homage to a specific fabric and narrates a unique story. It truly combines the art of mixology with the essence of textiles. From Pashmina to Kanchipuram Silk, each libation captures the characteristics and emotions associated with diverse fabrics, inviting patrons on a sensory journey through the world of textiles.

Where: Lower Parel, Mumbai
When: 12 pm – 4 pm, 5 pm – 1:30 am
Cost: ₹2,000 (For two)

Cheers to 2023, a year that mixed tradition with tech, culture with cocktails, and spun stories with every bar!

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