CT Throwback: From Millet Meals To Spiced Drinks, 7 Peaks Of India’s Culinary Brilliance In 2023

Experience a flavourful journey through the seven remarkable ways India's gastronomy soared to new heights.

by Mallika Khurana
CT Throwback: From Millet Meals To Spiced Drinks, 7 Peaks Of India’s Culinary Brilliance In 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, step into India’s culinary world, where flavours dance, spices sing, and innovation intertwine with tradition. In the bustling kitchens and eclectic dining spaces of 2023, India’s gastronomic scene reached new heights with a fusion of heritage and modernity, tantalising the taste buds and igniting a culinary revolution. From the earthy allure of farm-to-table restaurants to the intoxicating aroma of Indian spices dominating cocktails, this year was a symphony of diverse tastes, regional fervour, and a celebration of local ingredients. Let’s embark on a flavorful journey through the seven remarkable ways India’s culinary landscape blossomed and peaked in the years gone by.

7 Ways India’s Culinary Scene Peaked Up In 2023

1. Farm-To-Table Restaurants

There was a significant rise in farm-to-table restaurants across India. These eateries focused on sourcing fresh, locally grown produce directly from farms to ensure high-quality, seasonal ingredients in their dishes. This trend emphasised sustainability, supporting local farmers, and offering diners a more transparent food experience. Restaurants like OMO Cafe in Gurugram, People of Tomorrow in Chattarpur, and The Table in Colaba led the charge, emphasising the importance of sourcing fresh, local produce directly from farms. This trend wasn’t just about quality; it was a commitment to sustainability, supporting local farmers, and offering diners a transparent food experience.

2. Millets


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Millets gained prominence as a superfood due to their nutritional value and sustainability. They became a staple in many restaurants, catering to health-conscious consumers and those seeking gluten-free alternatives. Millets were incorporated into various dishes, such as salads, porridges, and even baked goods, showcasing their versatility. They became a staple in many restaurants, appearing in salads, porridges, baked goods, and even festive desserts like millet cake and kheer. The opening of India’s first millet kitchen, Millet Marvels, at Hyderabad Airport underscored their growing popularity.

3. Regional Cuisine Popularity

There was an increasing appreciation for and celebration of regional Indian cuisines. Restaurants showcased diverse regional specialities, highlighting the unique flavours, cooking techniques, and ingredients specific to different states and communities. This trend allowed diners to explore the rich culinary heritage of India beyond mainstream dishes. 2023 saw a surge in the celebration of regional Indian cuisines. Restaurants showcased dishes specific to different states and communities, highlighting unique flavours and cooking techniques. Less mainstream cuisines, such as Kashmiri cuisine and Dham cuisine, gained wider recognition.

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4. Fine Dining Food Pop-ups With International Chefs

Collaborations between Indian fine dining establishments and renowned international chefs became more prevalent. These exclusive pop-up events allowed diners to experience fusion cuisine, blending Indian flavours with international culinary expertise and creating unique and innovative dining experiences. Notable chefs like Dharshan Munidasa at W Goa, Michele Pascarella at JW Marriott Goa, and Alvaro Clavijo at The Leela Palace, Bengaluru, brought innovative culinary expertise.

5. Indian Spices Dominating Cocktail Scene

India 2023
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Indian spices took centre stage in the cocktail scene, with mixologists creatively incorporating them into innovative and flavorful drinks. Cocktails infused with spices like cardamom, turmeric, saffron, and cumin became popular, offering a distinctive twist to traditional beverages.

Indian spices took over the cocktail scene, with mixologists incorporating cardamom, turmeric, saffron, and cumin into flavorful drinks. Cocktails like “Saffron Sunset,” “Turmeric Twist,” and “Cardamom Elixir” became popular for their unique twists on traditional beverages.

6. Focus On Seasonal Ingredients

seasonal ingredients
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There was a growing emphasis on using seasonal ingredients in cooking. Chefs and restaurants prioritised incorporating fresh, seasonal produce into their menus. They ensured dishes were flavorful, aligned with sustainability practices, and supported local farmers. Chefs prioritised using seasonal ingredients in their menus, aligning with sustainable practices, and supporting local farmers. Dishes like seasonal vegetable curries, fruit-based desserts, and seafood specials showcased the bounty of each season.

7. Indian Street Food Continued To Win Hearts

street food
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Indian street food maintained its popularity and recognition globally, being featured in prestigious lists like Taste Atlas. The diverse and flavorful street food offerings, from chaats to kebabs to dosas, continued to captivate food enthusiasts both within India and internationally, showcasing the country’s vibrant street food culture. Indian street food continued to captivate hearts globally, earning prestigious recognition in lists like Taste Atlas’ ‘Best Street Foods In The World.’ Favourites like tikka, dosa, chole bhature, and Amritsari kulcha remained crowd-pleasers, highlighting India’s rich and diverse street food culture.

These culinary trends in India contributed to the country’s dynamic and thriving food scene in 2023.

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