CT Throwback: From Kashmiri To Nikkei, 8 Cuisines That We Saw Gaining Popularity In 2023

Explore nine emerging cuisines, from the hearty delights of Himalayan and Dehlnavi to the subtle nuances of Sheherwali and Ladakhi cuisine. Discover the stories

by Mallika Khurana
CT Throwback: From Kashmiri To Nikkei, 8 Cuisines That We Saw Gaining Popularity In 2023

In the middle of 2023, there was a taste renaissance that uncovered a tapestry of flavours from all over the world. Nine captivating cuisines surfaced this year, each revealing a tale of history, culture, and unmatched flavour. It was a year of culinary illumination. From the lofty peaks of the Himalayas to the vibrant streets of Delhi and the serene valleys of Kashmir, the epicurean map unfolded, inviting intrepid palates on a journey through the gastronomic wonders of the world.  In a symphony of spices, festivals, collaborations, and culinary showcases, 2023 unfurled a banquet of flavours, each cuisine a chapter in a grand narrative of culinary diversity and cultural richness.

Cuisines That Got Popular In 2023

1. Himalayan Cuisine


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Himalayan cuisine is a reflection of the diverse cultures residing in the mountainous region. It encompasses flavours from Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and parts of India. Known for its hearty dishes like momos, thukpa, and dishes rich in barley and buckwheat, Himalayan cuisine captivates with its unique blend of spices and preparation methods. The cuisine’s emphasis on using locally sourced ingredients and its hearty, warming dishes make it stand out. In 2023, many restaurants opened offering authentic Himalayan food, drawing attention to the region’s culinary diversity. As people sought more authentic and unexplored flavours, the spotlight turned to the Himalayas, prompting the rise of these eateries.

2. Dehlnavi Cuisine


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Dehlnavi cuisine is a fusion of Mughlai and Awadhi flavours, originating from Delhi. It’s a blend of rich spices, slow cooking methods, and influences from various cultures that settled in the region over centuries. The nuanced use of spices and the slow-cooking techniques employed in preparing dishes distinguish Dehlnavi cuisine. Its rich gravies and tender meats are a testament to its cultural fusion. This year, ITC hotels organised food festivals to showcase Dehlnavi cuisine, sparking interest among food enthusiasts. These festivals acted as platforms to highlight the lesser-known culinary heritage of Delhi, contributing significantly to its resurgence.

3. Kayastha Cuisine

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Kayastha cuisine stems from the Kayastha community of India, known for its rich and diverse culinary heritage. It features a blend of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, with a focus on intricate flavours and techniques. The meticulous use of spices and the balanced incorporation of vegetables and meats set Kayastha cuisine apart. In 2023, The Park, Bengaluru hosted a 10-day food festival dedicated to Kayastha cuisine, drawing attention to its flavours and traditions. This event provided a platform for people to explore the lesser-known culinary treasures of the Kayastha community.

4. Pathare Prabhu Cuisine

Pathare prabhu cuisine

Pathare Prabhu cuisine originates from the Pathare Prabhu community of Mumbai, India. It’s a unique blend of Konkani, Maharashtrian, and Portuguese influences, resulting from centuries-old culinary practices. This cuisine is characterised by its intricate use of spices and the fusion of coastal and Maharashtrian flavours. Seafood plays a prominent role, along with a variety of masalas that define its distinct taste. This cuisine gained traction due to its rich history and unique flavours. Food enthusiasts, intrigued by its fusion elements, sought out restaurants and events focusing on Pathare Prabhu cuisine, leading to its increased popularity.

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5. Nikkei Cuisine

Cuisines popularity
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Nikkei cuisine is a result of the fusion of Japanese and Peruvian culinary traditions. It combines the precision of Japanese cooking techniques with the bold flavours of Peruvian ingredients. The cuisine stands out for its harmonious blend of umami-rich Japanese dishes and the spicy, tangy elements of Peruvian cuisine. Ceviche with Japanese seasoning and sushi with Peruvian influences are popular examples. This fusion cuisine gained global popularity due to the unique marriage of two distinct culinary worlds. As food enthusiasts sought new and innovative flavours, Nikkei cuisine became a sought-after dining experience worldwide.

6. Murshidabad’s Sheherwali Cuisine


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Sheherwali cuisine belongs to the Sheherwali community of Murshidabad, West Bengal. It’s a vegetarian cuisine known for its subtle flavours, delicate spices, and emphasis on using locally available ingredients. Sheherwali cuisine’s simplicity yet depth of flavour, using indigenous vegetables and spices, sets it apart. Its mild yet flavorful dishes showcase the culinary heritage of the region. As interest in regional Indian cuisines surged in 2023, the spotlight turned to Sheherwali cuisine. Restaurants and food events featuring this lesser-explored cuisine garnered attention, attracting food enthusiasts eager to explore its distinctive flavours.

7. Ladakhi Cuisine

Ladakhi cuisine originates from the mountainous region of Ladakh, known for its extreme climate and unique culinary traditions. It heavily relies on grains like barley, wheat, and rice, along with dairy products and meat, due to the region’s geography. The cuisine stands out for its simplicity and reliance on locally available ingredients. Dishes like Thukpa (noodle soup), Momos, and Skyu (a hearty stew) showcase the cuisine’s reliance on staple ingredients. In 2023, the collaboration between The Park Bangalore and Chef Nilza Wangmo for a culinary pop-up focused on Ladakhi cuisine grabbed attention. 

8. Kashmiri Cuisine

Kashmiri cuisine is renowned for its rich flavours, influenced by the region’s history and climate. It features a blend of aromatic spices, dried fruits, and slow-cooked meat dishes, reflecting the cultural diversity of Kashmir. Signature dishes like Rogan Josh and Yakhni exhibit the cuisine’s rich, aromatic flavours. Numerous restaurants across the country held pop-ups and festivals dedicated to Kashmiri cuisine, drawing attention to its rich culinary heritage. The desire for authentic regional flavours and the allure of Kashmiri cuisine’s aromatic and flavorful dishes contributed significantly to its rising popularity.

The rising popularity of these cuisines in 2023 reflects a growing trend among food enthusiasts.

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