CTReview: A Night Of Fiery Tequila Mixes, Gastronomic Wonders, And A Dessert To Die For At Marièta, Gurugram!

Indulge in a culinary journey like no other at Gurugram's newest hotspot!

by Mallika Khurana
CTReview: A Night Of Fiery Tequila Mixes, Gastronomic Wonders, And A Dessert To Die For At Marièta, Gurugram!

The dining landscape in Delhi elicits varied opinions and sentiments. Within the city, one can encounter many culinary choices, ranging from delectable roadside momos to opulent fine dining establishments. However, locating a venue that truly captivates and exceeds expectations can prove challenging amidst this abundance. Yet, I found myself pleasantly surprised during a recent visit to Gurugram’s latest sensation, Marièta. This exclusive, reservation-only restaurant had piqued my interest ever since I stumbled upon its enticing cocktail menu, offering an array of options perfectly suited to a tequila aficionado like myself.

Marièta’s Immersive Ambiance, A Feast For The Senses

Photo Credits: Mallika Khurana

The jam-packed, only months into its inception, etched a lasting memory in my mind. The atmosphere here pulses with infectious beats and the dynamic rhythm of tropical and Latin house music, setting a tone for the evening that lies ahead. Luxurious sage green interiors, adorned with a captivating mural featuring Marièta herself, demand attention. A gracefully sculpted bar, thought-provoking artworks illustrating Marièta’s narrative, soft lighting, and an intimate dining enclave all contribute to the ambiance, evoking the embracing warmth of Latin hospitality. Boasting over 100 seats, encompassing both indoor and al fresco options, Marièta provides ample space for patrons to indulge in its vibrant ambiance. Yet, amidst these captivating features, it is not the exquisitely crafted bar that takes centre stage, but rather a stunning mural adorning the wall.

Indulging In Exquisite Flavours

Photo Credits: Mallika Khurana

Looking at the tempting menu, I found myself overwhelmed with choices and eager to sample everything. Starting modestly, I opted for Hummus with Pita, Tofu Karaage, and Burrata & Tomato Salad. Accompanying my meal, I indulged in Heat Check, a spicy tequila creation and their World Cocktail Week Special, the Grey Goose Espresso Martini. While the salad provided a refreshing burst of flavours and the crispy tofu won me over, a single sip of the espresso martini hinted at the exceptional mixology awaiting me. However, it was the Heat Check that truly delivered, fulfilling every checkbox for a perfect tequila cocktail with its impeccable balance of spice.

Excited to explore bolder flavours, I opted for Marieta’s Chilli Chicken, which proved to be a satisfying choice. Alongside, I indulged in Korean Chicken Skewers generously coated in bibimbap sauce, a true culinary masterpiece. These skewers melted in my mouth, boasting a perfect balance of flavours—a first-time experience for me. Undoubtedly, it stands out as one of Marièta’s finest dishes, deserving a spot on every diner’s must-try list!

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Feasting On Culinary Masterpieces

Photo Credits: Mallika Khurana

Next, I was yearning for a sushi fix and opted for their Torched Seafood Overload Uramaki featuring Tuna, salmon, togarashi crab mix, and tobiko, alongside their Crispy Asparagus & Togarashi Mayo. Both dishes were superbly crafted and utterly delightful. Additionally, I indulged in their impeccably juicy and flavourful Habanero Butter Shrimp, accompanied by garlic slivers, basil, and sourdough bread, paired with the most visually stunning cocktail of the evening, the Second Date. Comprising tequila Blanco, sake, kaffir lime, lychee, jasmine tea, orange blossom, and agave, this libation not only pleased the eyes but also tantalised my inner tequila enthusiast. Pro tip: don’t miss out on the experience of dipping sourdough into the Habanero butter sauce. Eager to explore another offering from their World Cocktail Week Special, I savoured the Patrón Reposado Picante. For aficionados of spicy cocktails like myself, the Picante is an absolute must-try!

For the main course, I opted for their Chipotle Sea Bass, a seared sea bass fillet resting on a delightful bed of pan-tossed quinoa and millet, accompanied by chipotle butter, which was satisfactory. However, it was the Red Thai Curry Rice Bowl with tofu and veggies that truly stole the spotlight.

Highlight Of The Marièta Experience

Photo Credits: Mallika Khurana

After relishing an impeccably delicious spread, I was ready to call it a night. However, the gracious staff at Marièta insisted I sample a dessert, and I’m immensely grateful that I did. It turned out to be the highlight of my entire dining experience. Saving the best for last, they presented me with the Picante Chocolate, a culinary masterpiece that would compel me to travel to Gurugram at the earliest opportunity. As someone who typically shies away from desserts, this is a significant endorsement. Yet, the explosion of flavours from the Chilli chocolate cremeux, pineapple compote, and brandy left me utterly captivated. It wasn’t merely a concoction of overwhelming sweetness, but rather a delicate balance of subtle spice and a touch of brandy. This dessert epitomised perfection and tantalised all my senses. Marièta is unequivocally a must-visit for anyone who values exceptional food and superb cocktails.

PS. Don’t forget to make a reservation!

Where: Unit no. 102, Two Horizon Centre, DLF Phase 5, Sector 43, Golf Course Road, Gurugram
When: 12 pm to 1 am
Cost: ₹2000 (for two) (without alcoholic beverages)
Reservation: + 91 8800186953

Cover Image Courtesy: Mallika Khurana