Dahi Puri, Egg Bhurji Tagged As Worst-Rated Indian Street Foods; Check Out The List Here

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Dahi Puri, Egg Bhurji Tagged As Worst-Rated Indian Street Foods; Check Out The List Here

You all must have referred to various lists that talk about the best dishes and cuisines in a city, state, or across the globe. But did you know there are lists that also talk about the worst? TasteAtlas has released a list of the 10 worst-rated Indian street foods, and India’s favorite dishes like dahi puri, egg bhurji, and more are on it. Check the entire list here!

Dahi Puri, Egg Bhurji Tagged As Worst-Rated Indian Street Foods

Credits: Canva

Not keeping any suspense from you, let us tell you that India’s favorite chaat, dahi puri, is number one on the list of worst-rated Indian street foods.

While we know you are going hell no’, there are more dishes on the list that you must know. The next on the list is Sev. Yes, the garnishing expert is on the list of worst-rated. The next on the list is every Gujarati’s favorite dabeli, which originates from Kutch. You might not be ready for the name in fourth place. It’s Bombay sandwich. Yes, the original traditional Mumbai sandwich is on this list!

Moving forward on the list is egg bhurji, which is spicy scrambled eggs. Are you too wondering how this delectable and flavorful dish can be on the list? Next comes another beloved chat from North India, Dahi Vada, on number six.

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TasteAtlas Food Rankings

Credits: Canva

Here’s the full list:

  1. Dahi Puri
  2. Sev
  3. Dabeli
  4. Bombay Sandwich
  5. Egg Bhurji
  6. Dahi Vada
  7. Sabudana Vada
  8. Papri Chaat
  9. Gobi Paratha
  10. Bonda

The TasteAtlas food rankings are based on ratings by the audience. Using various processes, they distinguish between real users and bots; nationalist or local patriotic ratings are ignored. The system then gives ratings to users it deems knowledgeable.

There were 2,508 ratings for the “10 Worst Rated Indian Street Foods” list up until August 17, 2023, of which 1,773 were accepted as valid by the system. The results of the TasteAtlas Rankings should not be taken as the last word on food worldwide. 

Their goals are to champion delicious regional cuisine, foster pride in time-honored delicacies, and pique curiosity about unfamiliar meals.

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How many of your favourites were on this list?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva