Dakos From Greece Is The Best Salad, Check Out The List Of Top 50 Best Salads In The World

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Dakos From Greece Is The Best Salad, Check Out The List Of Top 50 Best Salads In The World

I am not sure how many of you love salads, but for those who do, high five! I know that salads have always been classified as a bowl of boring healthy food, but that is so not true! If done right, nothing can match the taste of salads! Well, TasteAtlas has curated a list of the best salads in the world, and Dakos from Greece has seamlessly topped the list. 

Greece’s Dakos Tops The List

TasteAtlas revealed the list of the best salads in the world. Dakos, which is one of the most loved salads across the globe, has not much surprisingly topped the list! 

A classic Cretan dish called Dakos or Ntakos is made of paximadi, a dry barley rusk, which is topped with mizithra cheese crumbles, chopped ripe tomatoes, whole olives, capers, fresh oregano, and a few generous drizzles of fine olive oil.

Bulgaria’s famous Shopska salad ranked second on the list. This salad is a popular cold salad and is filled with juicy cucumbers and tomatoes. Bulgarians love it, and it is super quick as well as easy to make. Mechouia Salad from North Africa’s Tunisia ranked third on the list. 

credits: Flickr

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Best Salads In The World

Here is the list of top 50 best salads in the world.

  1. Dakos
  2. Shopska salad
  3. Mechouia salad
  4. Moravska salata
  5. Horiatiki salata
  6. Som tam
  7. Ovcharska salad
  8. Phla kung
  9. Fattoush
  10. Larb
  11. Salată de roşii
  12. Piyaz
  13. Goma wakame
  14. Ardei copți
  15. Snezhanka salad
  16. Caprese salad
  17. Panzanella
  18. Pecel
  19. Pipirrana
  20. Houria
  21. Belolučene paprike
  22. Kısır
  23. Gado-gado
  24. Horta
  25. Mizeria
  26. Salade Lyonnaise
  27. Sałatka z krewetek
  28. Bok l’hong
  29. Olivier salad 
  30. Tabbouleh
  31. Surówka
  32. Kartoffelsalat
  33. Patatosalata
  34. Patlıcan salatası
  35. Pantzarosalata
  36. Sunomono
  37. Salade Niçoise
  38. Semizotu salatası
  39. Rujak cingur
  40. Salată orientală
  41. Zaalouk
  42. Salată de sfeclă
  43. Ohitashi
  44. Treska
  45. Caesar salad
  46. Vinegret
  47. Karedok
  48. Sałatka ziemniaczana
  49. Asinan
  50. Tonosalata
credits: Unsplash

I am sure many of you have tried the salad called Fattoush, which originates from Lebanon and is found in many Lebanese restaurants. It is on the ninth rank in the list. All these salads across the globe have some or other speciality that differentiates them from the others. 

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How many of these salads have you tried? Let us know!

Cover Image Courtesy: Unsplash