Vendor Makes Raspberry Ice Cream Maggi Calling It Summer Special. Yes, Special-ly Atrocious!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Vendor Makes Raspberry Ice Cream Maggi Calling It Summer Special. Yes, Special-ly Atrocious!

It’s summer  and I am sure many of you who like cooking are going through books or online accounts of recipes to prepare. Well, here we came across a video where a vendor is selling Maggi with a summery twist to it. He is cooking Raspberry Ice Cream Maggi, and this is totally atrocious to the eyes. “My eyes, my eyes!” We literally feel you, Phoebe Buffay!

Viral Food Trend: Raspberry Ice Cream Maggi 

A video has been going viral on the Internet, and it features a vendor selling Maggi in a very unique way. The vendor has given an unexpected and honestly unwanted twist to our favourite Maggi. 

The man is selling Raspberry Ice Cream Maggi and calls it a summer special. He adds the contents of Maggi to a pan and then adds a whole stick of raspberry ice cream to it. He smashes the ice cream and cooks it with the Maggi. 

If you think, his cooking the Maggi with ice cream is the end of the story, let me take you forward. This weird combination is served in a cone and is also garnished with grated cheese on top. Now do you know why we used the term ‘atrocious’?

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Netizens Give Out Reactions Using Gifs

The video was shared on Twitter by @MFuturewala and has far garnered over five thousand views. Netizens could not actually understand the need behind such weird combinations that are surfacing every day on the internet. (Same bro, same)

Many Netizens wanted to scream after watching the video of Raspberry Ice Cream Maggi and did so by using gifs, which were hilarious.

One user asked the vendor to add diesel to it to enhance the taste of this highly unexpected and weird food combination. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: @MFuturewala/Twitter