Dal Lake Temporarily Freezes For The Winter

by Kritika Kukreja
Dal Lake Temporarily Freezes For The Winter

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With majority of North India experiencing negative temperatures, the reports suggests that Dal Lake in Srinagar is partially frozen due to the cold wave. 

What Is It?

With the cold wave taking over North India, Kashmir is currently experiencing minus 5.5 degree Celsius temperatures. But that’s not all. Srinagar also recorded the lowest temperature in 11 years with minus 6.8 degrees Celsius on 31st Dec, 2018. After spending a cold Christmas, most parts of North India will continue to experience cold weather conditions for a few more days. Winter season is pretty much at its peak these days, and same goes for Jammu & Kashmir, where the Dal Lake has partially frozen due to the temperature.

What Do We Know?

Most of the Northern region has experienced the lowest temperature this winter. Kargil recorded a minus 15.3 degree Celsius whereas, Gulmarg in Kashmir recorded a minus 6.8 degree Celsius. This cold wave is being called the ‘Chillai-Kalan’ and North India will be under its spell at least for 40 days!

If you’re wondering how gorgeous the Dal Lake looks during the spring, check out the video below –