Delhi & Mumbai Make It To The 2023 City Index For Mindful Travellers; This Is No 1.

by Shreya Ghosh
Delhi & Mumbai Make It To The 2023 City Index For Mindful Travellers; This Is No 1.

Many tourists from all around the world are becoming more conscious of how they plan to travel and explore new destinations. It is a great thought, rather, an amazing step taken by several travellers who are very mindful of their journeys and how they can travel while focusing on sustainability at the same time. Kayak has recently released a City Index for all mindful travellers from different corners of the world that covers destinations offering sustainable options.

How Did Kayak Determine The Ranking Of This Index?

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Kayak is a world-renowned travel website known for providing great hotels and accommodation options to its users. This company has enlisted 167 cities from different parts of the globe on the basis of how they provide sustainable experiences. For conscious travellers, Kayak has prepared this list of cities in 63 countries on the basis of 28 factors divided into 4 categories.

These 4 categories to determine the rankings are:

  • Traveling to
  • Getting around
  • Stay
  • Experiences

The results of this ranking can be very useful for mindful travellers to plan holidays according to their preferences.

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This list focuses on the sustainability options and aspects offered by various cities. There are 28 factors to determine the results and tourists can thoughtfully find out their preferred destination using the filter to choose from all these factors related to sustainability.

These Indian Cities Have Made It To The 2023 City Index For Mindful Travellers

India’s Delhi and Mumbai are now part of the 167 cities on this list prepared by Kayak. The national capital has the final score of 21/100 and is on the 139th rank of this list. Mumbai is the 149th city on the Kayak index for mindful travellers with a final score of 15/100.

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Rotterdam tops the City Index for mindful travellers with an impressive final score of 100/100. This beautiful city of the Netherlands is now the most perfect destination to explore for conscious travellers. Some of the primary reasons that helped the city to bag the first rank are:

  • There is proper rail connectivity in the city.
  • Ferry rides are also available for transportation.
  • Another popular mode of transportation in Rotterdam is bicycles and e-bikes.
  • There are many charging stations for electric vehicles here.

For more info about the City Index, click here.

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