From April You Have To Pay Higher Toll At Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Here’s How Much!

by Shreya Ghosh
From April You Have To Pay Higher Toll At Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Here’s How Much!

People of Maharashtra, we have some important news to share with you. Travelling on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway will get expensive from next month, April. You will need to spend more for the road journey between Mumbai and Pune as the toll is getting increased. The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) took the decision to rise the toll rates for travelling on this expressway. To know all about the changes in toll here, read on!

MSRDC To Increase The Toll On The Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Mumbai-Pune Expressway
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According to a report by News 18, MSRDC just increased the toll rates on this 95 km six-lane corridor between Mumbai and Pune by 18 per cent. Passengers will need to pay this increased amount of toll from April. This new change on India’s first access-controlled road, the Mumbai-Pune Expressway is coming into action from 1 April 2023. The MSRDC officials shared the deets about this new decision on Tuesday.

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The toll on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway gets increased by 6 per cent each year. But the change in hiking the toll rate is conducted only once every three years, making the rise by 18 per cent. MSRDC also stated that there will be no review in toll rates after 3 years in 2026. In fact, it will stay following this number till the year 20230.

What Is The Revised Toll Rate By MSRDC?

The toll rate on this expressway will see a rise of 18 per cent from the first day of April. Here’s what the new toll amount will be:

  • Though there has not been any confirmed declaration yet, it is expected that the increase in toll rates on the expressway can lead to a hike in ticket prices for public transport such as buses and cabs.
  • The toll of ₹270 for a one-way ride on four-wheelers on the expressway will change to ₹320 from 1 April.
  • For two-axle trucks, the toll is ₹585 right now. It is going to be changed to ₹685.
  • For three-axle trucks, the toll is becoming ₹1,630. It is ₹1,380 at the present moment.
  • The revised toll for multi-axle trucks and vehicles for machinery is going to be ₹2,165. It is ₹1,835 right now.
  • The present toll for mini-buses and tempos is ₹420 and it is going to increase to ₹495 once the hike gets implemented.
  • The toll rate for buses is going to increase to ₹940 from ₹797.

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