Thanks To MSRDC’s Revas-Karanja Bridge, Travel Time Between Mumbai & Alibaug By Road Will Reduce To 10 Mins

by Shreya Rathod

The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) had proposed a plan for a four-lane bridge over the Dharamtar Creek in Raigad which will connect Karanja and Revas. And, finally, they have emerged with their lowest bidder for this project. It is the leading construction company SP Singla Constructions. The distance between Karanja and Revas is seventy kilometres and it takes about two hours to cover it. But with this new bridge, the time will be reduced to ten minutes. Moreover, it will also reduce the distance between Alibaug and Mumbai.

All About The Revas-Karanja Bridge

revas bridge

Credits: MSRDC/ Website

The proposal for this project stated that whoever wins the tender will have thirty-six months to complete the project and will have to maintain it for one hundred and twenty months. The construction of the bridge will have a median of 1.2 m and two carriageways (13.5 m each). Also, vehicles will have to maintain a speed of eight kilometres per hour. There will be a 1.5 m wide footpath for pedestrians. Also, a road of 1.7 kilometres will be constructed in Revas, while a 5.13-kilometre road will be built in Karanja. This entire project will be done by SP Singla Constructions as they have won the bid.

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Tourists Will Benefit As Well

Once completed, the bridge will reduce the distance between Alibaug and Mumbai’s Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) to thirty kilometres. Also, after Mumbai Trans Harbour Link is operational, this bridge will help tourists reach coastal tourist spots like Murud. Currently, there is a ferry service that operates between Karanja and Revas. However, during monsoon season, this service is not available. Moreover, it does not have any provision to carry vehicles.

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As for the bid for this project, Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation proposed it in October 2022. And six companies applied for this tender.

Cover Image Credits: Canva Image (Rep Img)