Travel From Thane To Dombivali In 20 Mins; The Mankoli-Motagaon Link Bridge Is 84 Per Cent Ready

by Tooba Shaikh
Travel From Thane To Dombivali In 20 Mins; The Mankoli-Motagaon Link Bridge Is 84 Per Cent Ready

If your daily travel plans involve travelling from Thane to Dombivali, you know that there’s a lot of traffic on the way and it can get extremely crowded at times. From Thane, in order to reach Dombivali, you must first go through Kalyan via the Mumbai-Nashik highway. This route is usually jam-packed during peak hours. Not for long though! The Mankoli-Motagaon Link Bridge is 84 per cent ready and once completed, it will reduce travel time between two points to 20 minutes.

Thane To Dombivali Travel Time Reduced

The Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (MMRDA) undertook the construction of the Mankoli-Motagaon link bridge. This bridge, once completed will reduce the time it takes to travel from Dombivali to Thane to 20 minutes.

As of now, the Mankoli-Motagaon link bridge is 84 per cent completed. According to reports, the bridge will open to public use around the month of may of this year. It is hoped that the time taken to travel between the two points will be reduced significantly.

Moreover, it is also hoped that the traffic, too, will be reduced. The MMRDA recently tweeted an update about the bridge and posted photographs along with the bridge.

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Mankoli-Motagaon Link Bridge 84 Per Cent Ready

The Mankoli-Motagaon link bridge, which will be open to the public soon, will have six tiers. It will also have a causeway across Ulhas Bay. The length of the bridge is a total of 1.6 kilometres. According to the tweet posted by the MMRDA on the 21st of February, Tuesday, the progress of the bridge was reviewed by the Metropolitan Commissioner, SVR Srinivas Rao.

The bridge will bring much-needed relief to the all-too-congested route that is available to travellers as of now. The other options available to the passengers are too time-consuming. Hence, the only route that most people use is via the Mumbai-Nashik highway.

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