Delhi Bars Might Start Operating Till 3 AM Soon!

by Suchismita Pal
Delhi Bars Might Start Operating Till 3 AM Soon!

According to an announcement on May 6, 2022, the Delhi government has decided to allow bars in the capital to operate till 3 AM. The final order on the same is yet to arrive. The government has already forwarded the directions to the Excise department. The issuance of the order will happen on the lines of Excise Policy 2021-22. At present, bars at Delhi restaurants are permitted to serve till 1 AM. In Gurgaon and Faridabad, bars are already operating till 3 AM.

Herbal Hookah Allowed Across Restaurants And Bars In Delhi

In response to petitions by restaurants and bars, the Delhi High Court has permitted the use of herbal hookahs in these establishments for an interim period. But only disposable pipes can be used for serving the hookahs. Also, restaurants and bars must strictly adhere to COVID-19 protocols. Justice Rekha Palli has notified that in case of a change in the COVID-19 situation, the order can be modified. Read on to know more.

Herbal Hookah Delhi
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Court Allows Use Of Herbal Hookahs In Delhi Restaurants After Reopening Of Cinema Halls And Swimming Pools

Earlier, the Delhi government had disallowed hookah consumption in public amid COVID-19 as hookah is usually shared by several people, which might increase the chances of spreading infection. But since establishments like cinema halls and swimming pools have been allowed to operate in full capacity, restaurants had directed pleas towards the authorities for permitting the sale of herbal hookahs. According to The Hindu report, Justice Rekha Palli has said that the ban on hookah ‘cannot go on forever on the grounds of COVID-19. She said, “What is happening? These people (petitioners) don’t have to survive? You can’t have such restrictions at the cost of livelihood. I know we can’t put our guards down but this can’t go on forever.”

Herbal Hookah Delhi
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Restaurants Like TOS, Verandah Moonshine And More Had Lodged Petitions

Restaurants and bars like Sixth Empirica Lounge, R High Speedbar and Lounge, TOS, Verandah Moonshine, Breath Fine Lounge and Bar had filed separate petitions as cops were carrying out raids and issuing challans. Restaurants have said that since herbal hookahs come without tobaccos, no licences are required for them and added that the continuation of their sale ban was unjustified. Taking these things into consideration, the court has issued the interim order to allow bars and restaurants to sell herbal hookahs. Justice Rekha Palli has said that the government can move application to modify the order if there is any change in the COVID-19 situation. On that note, These Are Some Sassiest Hookah Bars In Delhi.