Delhi Hotels And Guest Houses To Ban Chinese Guests

by Sanjana Shenoy
Delhi Hotels And Guest Houses To Ban Chinese Guests

The Delhi Hotel and Restaurant Owners Association announced on June 25 that it will not offer accommodation to Chinese nationals at its associated 3000 hotels and guest houses across the city. This decision comes amid a nationwide protest to boycott Chinese products after 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in a violent faceoff against Chinese soldiers in Ladakh on June 15. The Hotel Association wrote to the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT). It extended full support to its boycott Chinese goods campaign. Currently, many Delhi hotels turned into coronavirus centres for patients. 

budget delhi hotels boycott chinese guests

3000 Budget Hotels & Guest Houses In Delhi To Ban Chinese Nationals

The Delhi Hotel and Restaurant Owners Association’s, President and General Secretary, Sandeep Khandelwal and Mahendra Gupta state to media houses, “Guest houses in Delhi will not provide any accommodation to Chinese Nationals. In view of the nefarious activities of China, it has been decided that no Chinese will be accommodated in Delhi’s hotels and guest houses from now onwards. Delhi has about 3,000 budget hotels and guest houses with about 75,000 rooms.” When it comes to Delhi restaurants, 40% of them in Khan Market shut down to the financial difficulties amid the pandemic. 

Mahendra Gupta informs ANI, “Everyone in the country is protesting against Chinese aggression in their own way. Delhi Hotel Association has decided that we will not allow any bookings for Chinese people at our hotels. We will not allow them to stay at our hotels.” He further questions how they can continue to permit people who harm India to stay at their hotels.

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The hotel association president, Sandeep Khandelwal informs that they took this decision along the lines of the call to boycott Chinese products by the CAIT. He states “The Chinese are not the world, we can survive without them as well. We are law-abiding citizens and no one will take law in their hands, but this would make the Chinese worried… War and trade cannot happen at the same time.”

These Hotels And Guest Houses Will Also Ban Chinese Products In Their Establishments

The Delhi Hotel and Restaurant Owners Association representing 3000 budget hotels and guest houses with 75,000 rooms in the city boycotts Chinese nationals. Apart from this, the association decided to also not use any Chinese made products in their hotels and guest houses. This includes the use of furniture, kitchen accessories, cutleries and decorative items.

budget delhi hotels boycott chinese guests
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Sandeep Khandelwal states that a majority of hotels agreed to the decision. But they don’t force anyone to follow suit. He states that the association would also attempt to get five-star hotels on board. The association’s move comes at a time when the hospitality industry already reels under heavy losses. This is due to the lack of tourism and closure of hotels in the wake of the Covid-19 shutdown.

Delhi Hotel and Restaurant Owners Association Hopes To Rope In Other States To Boycott Chinese Nationals

CAIT’s national secretary general Praveen Khandelwal informs media houses that the hotel body welcomes anyone who wishes to join the campaign to boycott Chinese products. He also reveals that CAIT would appeal to farmers, hawkers, entrepreneurs, small-scale industries and other sectors to join this campaign. Currently, this decision is limited to Delhi. But Praveen Khandelwal adds they would try to rope in counterparts in other states as well. In the mean time OYO Indian and South Asia CEO states that the travel industry will revive in 6 to 12 months.