Delhi Cab Drivers Fall For Fake News, Carry Condoms In First-Aid Kits

by Vidisha Khaitan
Delhi Cab Drivers Fall For Fake News, Carry Condoms In First-Aid Kits

Fake news has real consequences and this time we’re all in for a ride. Delhi cab drivers are committed to following traffic guidelines. They wear their uniforms and seatbelts, drive within speed limit and carry condoms in their first-aid kits, you know, for emergencies.

What’s More?

Delhi Cab Drivers
Picture Credit – India Today

Delhi cab drivers have reportedly alleged being fined for missing this essential component of first aid. In response, police officials have urged drivers to come forward with a complaint against such unlawful challans. They are keen to investigate the matter and take appropriate legal action.

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The rampant rumour has naturally acquired viral stature. With schools and parents both turning red over sex education, Delhi cab drivers, too, have waved the white flag for safe sex. Everybody expected controversy over the new challan hikes but nobody saw this coming. Cabbies claim condoms come in very handy for a variety of medical emergencies. They can be used to stop bleeding or provide relief from a fracture on the way to the hospital by tying it around the injured area. Moreover, they act as leak locks in the event of a pressure pipe burst. Condoms can even hold up to three litres of liquid, they say. We wonder what they plan to store in rubbers.

Why Is It Happening?

Delhi Cab Drivers
Picture Credit – HT/ANI

When it comes to real talk, most Delhi cab drivers have no clue why they must carry condoms. Some drivers reported they have never been confronted by traffic cops but, the transport authority’s annual fitness test has raised the condom question. Although, they don’t know which rule mandates they carry the burden of population control. India does need to tackle over population but we’re not sure if this is the best way.

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An officer at the transport department anonymously told Economic Times that he is worried NGO workers are behind this mix-up. He was reported as saying that drivers have been approached outside the centre about sex education which might have sparked confusion and “developed the habit of keeping condoms.” He also confirmed there are no fitness checks involving condoms at their centre.

Delhi Cab Drivers
Picture Credit – Pixabay

Kamaljeet Gill, president of Delhi Sarvodaya Driver Association, revealed to a news source that all public vehicles are required to carry at least three condoms at all times. To set the record straight, there is no mandate about keeping condoms as per Delhi Motor Vehicle Rules (1993) and The Central Motor Vehicles Act (1989). But, Netizens never let go of an excuse to meme-talk and this scandal has spread like wildfire. On the bright side, maybe carrying condoms will no longer be a taboo. We’re definitely buckled in for the journey in cabs geared for safe sex.