Delhi Food Blogger Tries Roohafza Chai And We Don’t Know What To Say

by Suchismita Pal
Delhi Food Blogger Tries Roohafza Chai And We Don’t Know What To Say

A cup of steaming adrak wali chai is close to the heart of everyone. Be it for waking up in the morning or to have something to sip along with samosas on a rainy evening, chai can come as a saviour. Also, many tea bars have come up to the beverage scene now, that serve a wide array of flavoured teas like jasmine tea, hibiscus tea, peppermint tea, blue tea, white tea, and the list goes on. Most chai lovers relish these unique teas, thanks to their refreshing aromas and tastes. But ever thought of having a cup of tea infused with loads of Roohafza? A clip of a Gulabi Roohafza chai from a Delhi food joint is clearly going viral for the wrong reasons.

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Roohafza Chai Is The Latest Bizarre Food Trend!

The video of the bizarre Roohafza tea was shared on an Instagram handle named chatore_brothers. The video has received over 174K likes. More than 1030 people have commented on the video. The clip shows a guy first trying the tea and instantly regretting it. What’s more, Capone’s ‘Oh No’ song plays in the background of the video. One user questioned in the comments section, “Is he seriously making it and selling it?” Another commented, “Mai ab Roohafzaa pina chordh dunga.” ( I will give up drinking Roohafzaa now). Another wrote sarcastically, “Sprite, coke, mirinda, appy fizz, ye sab kyun nahi dala chai me?”

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The Internet Is Disgusted Over The Drink

While many users expressed their disgust over the tea, some others questioned the vlogger if he had made the video for virality. YouTuber Travel Foodie Tiku wrote, “Kitna retakes liya expression k liye, Pehlese niche wo kya banaya niche feka hua h.” ( How many retakes did you take for the expression, something had been dropped below from before.” Another wrote, “This is not right what you did in the video…it must be not for your taste bud but the way you did is like insulting the chai maker who did try something diff. You should try a diff method to tell that this is not good, in fact, it’s not for your taste bud, so your taste bud is not good for different flavours or to try something new.” Meanwhile, Roohafza if used in smaller quantities, might actually enhance the taste of your tea, as shown in the video below:

By the by, what are your thoughts on this beverage? Let us know in the comments section below! On that note, we had also come across the video of a Roohafza Maggi too.