Food Vendor Makes Maggi With Roohafza Amusing The Internet

by Suchismita Pal
Food Vendor Makes Maggi With Roohafza Amusing The Internet

Slurping on a bowl of piping-hot Maggi in the freezing winters is pure bliss. While we all love the classic 2-minute recipe wala Masala Maggi, eateries and food bloggers are coming up with many newer versions of the dish, like Corn Maggi, Chinese Sauce Maggi, Salsa Maggi, deep-fried Maggi and loads more. But a few folks are taking their Maggi experiments to unimaginable levels, creating recipes that foodies are finding hard to digest. A few months back, a food blogger had prepared Maggi with milk and chocolate sauce. And now another street vendor has got our heads reeling by introducing the Roohafza Maggi recipe.

Roohafza Maggi Is Also A Food Trend Now, Say What?

A food blogger named Arjun Chauhan has shared the video of the Roohafza Maggi that he tried from a streetside stall. And his expression was enough to guess the taste of the bizarre recipe. Just after having one spoon of the Maggi, Arjun had an instant frown on his forehead. The comments section of the video is clear proof that the internet is grossed out by the dish.


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Food Blogger Made Maggi With Milk And Chocolate Sauce; Recipe Was Anticipated To Taste Like Meethi Sewaiyaan

Food blogger Anjali Dhingra of So Saute tried her hands on a Maggi recipe which none of us could have imagined. Anjali ditched the usual tastemaker of Maggi and added milk and chocolate sauce instead. The recipe got foodies on the internet exasperated to the roof.


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After getting a request from a follower, Anjali decided to make the bizarre recipe. She first poured milk into a pan and then added Maggi to it. On top of the Maggi soaked in milk, she added chocolate sauce. While the recipe did not go well with the netizens, she admitted that it was actually tasting awful. She said, “Iska taste toh bohot hi zyada ganda tha”. She had anticipated that the recipe might taste like Meethi Sewaiyaan but it did not. The video has grabbed over 10.8 K likes.

Maggi With Milk And Chocolate SauceWhile some people were disgusted by the recipe, others rebuked the blogger for the wastage of food. One user wrote, “What’s the point of wasting food? Go try some good recipes/combinations instead of this.” Another commented, “Just for the sake of content, u waste so much food… Experimenting is a good thing bt when u know the consequences, u deliberately wish to waste food, I feel so pity for the people starving out there when I see ur such posts.”Another said, “Yeh kya ghor paap kar diye”.

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Other Weird Maggi Recipes

This is not the first time someone made a weird recipe with Maggi. A few months back, someone had made a Maggi Milkshake, which too had checked the wrath of foodies. That’s not all. Earlier, Maggi laddoos made with jaggery and cashew had also surprised Twitter. What’s more, we even came across recipes like Maggi ice cream, Maggi burger and also Maggi crab curry. On that note, what is the weirdest Maggi recipe you chanced upon?