Delhi Girl Travels To Goa With Her Dog On Train, And Here’s How She Did It With Ease

by Shreya Ghosh
Delhi Girl Travels To Goa With Her Dog On Train, And Here’s How She Did It With Ease

It is the dream of every pet parent to travel and explore the world with their cute little pets. Well, it is not really that simple to cross borders or even explore within the borders with a pet, but some pet owners are doing everything they can to carry their little ones on their trips. Very recently, a Delhi girl tagged along with her pet dog and travelled to Goa on a train. If you are planning a trip with your pet dog, we have the perfect steps and procedures for you to follow.

You Can Find The Video On Instagram

An Instagram user named Aarushi Sharma posted a video where she showed how he travelled to Goa from Delhi with her paw friend. She mentioned all the details of the journey in small text boxes in the video. Aarushi posted the video with the caption, ‘Pets and train journey, Since noor is such a water baby I always wanted her to see the beach and experience the joy of being free around water. It wasn’t the easiest choice to travel long distance via train but we decided to go for it and I’m glad it all happened. 🤍🚂🦮’.

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Here’s How You Can Travel To Goa With Your Pet Dog

It is of course a tiresome journey when you are travelling with your pets but with extra effort, long distances can be covered smoothly. The steps to travel with your pet dog according to the aforementioned video are:

  • The first thing Aarushi did was book the tickets. She booked 2 tickets for First Class AC.
  • After the confirmation of her tickets, she rushed to Noor’s vet and collected all the certificates of her vaccinations and health-related.
  • Just a day prior to the journey, she applied for a coupe. She wrote to the Chief Reservation Officer as she wanted a separate cabin with her paw friend.
  • On the day of departure, Aarushi went to the Parcel office of her boarding station. She reached there 2 hours prior to the departure time. She carried all the documents to get a ticket for Noor.

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To make the journey comfortable, she also carried some extra belongings. She carried:

  • Toys to play
  • Poop scooper
  • Blanket
  • Bowl for eating
  • Foods