Delhi Ice Cream Truck With Solar Panels On It Has Netizens Impressed; Why It’s A Genius Idea?

by Sanjana Shenoy
Delhi Ice Cream Truck With Solar Panels On It Has Netizens Impressed; Why It’s A Genius Idea?

Delhi’s scorching summers are a tale as old as time. To tolerate the heat, Delhiites often slurp kulfi, lassi, faloodas and ice creams. So, it isn’t a coincidence to come across many ice cream parlous and ice cream trucks in the capital. This time, an ice cream truck from Delhi is going viral on social media for having solar panels on its roof. Here’s why this is a genius idea.

Ice Cream Truck In Delhi Has Solar Panels On Its Roof

Redditor, @Powerful_Argument_22 recently shared a picture of a Delhi ice cream truck ‘Mahalakshmi’ with its roof equipped with solar panels. In no time, this photograph went viral on Reddit and social media. @Powerful_Argument_22 comments that the ice cream truck has solar panels when many of us can’t even afford such solar panels at our home. This innovative roof will maintain the freshness of the frozen desserts.

This icecream vendor has solar panels for his truck, when we can’t even afford for our home..
by u/Powerful_Argument_22 in delhi

Usually, ice cream vendors rely on Glycol freezers. These freezers aren’t heavy but they do require a lot of power to run and keep ice creams fresh. So, solar panels help the ice cream vendor to ensure the freezers have sufficient electricity to maintain the low temperatures. But Netizens scratched their heads and wondered how the ice cream vendor could afford this expensive solar panel in the first place?

Netizens Are In Awe

In no time, the Reddit post’s comments section was filled with hilarious comments. One person commented that the government is anyway offering subsidy to people to install solar panels at their homes. While it is pricey the government subsidy can help. Another one comments about the benefits of entrepreneurship.

Ice Cream Truck delhi

And then there were cheeky comments where a person commented that we pray to laxmi. But this ice cream vendor has Mahalaxmi. Well, many agreed that the fact that the ice cream truck has solar panels on it is proof enough that the vendor’s business is booming.

Meanwhile, Delhiites, have you ever seen any ice cream trucks or food trucks running on solar panels? Does it inspire you to opt for solar panels for your home too?

Cover Image Courtesy: @Powerful_Argument_22/ Reddit