Delhi Man’s Inspirational Journey From A Waiter To The Owner of 15+ Outlets | Street Stories S2 Ep 18

by Tonakshi Kalra
Who doesn’t wish to own a big brand and become successful in life? Everybody does, but very few people work hard to achieve that. This is a story of Sunil Vashisht from Delhi who was raised in a family where he’s always seen financial problems. Sunil started working at an early age, as a waiter at weddings to pay his school fee. Later, he dropped his college to work full time as a delivery boy to earn living for his family, then worked with Domino’s Pizza for 5 years but one mistake made him lose his hard earned job. From the struggle of running his family, losing job, starting an egg stall in front of JNU to opening the first outlet of his cake specializing company, Flying Cakes, he has come a long way. Today, Flying Cakes is a successful brand that has over 15 outlets in all over India and once a waiter, Sunil Vashisht is a proud owner of Flying Cakes. Watch the full video to witness a tale of struggle of this common man!
Shop no. 1 & 2, Opposite ATS Kocoon, Sector 109, Gurugram, Haryana