Delhi Records Lowest Temperature In May Since 2003 As Heat Waves Dial Down

by Mallika Khurana
Delhi Records Lowest Temperature In May Since 2003 As Heat Waves Dial Down

In Delhi, both the summer and winter seasons are quite famous, for different reasons, of course. While the winters are quite chilly, the summers are not easy to handle. With heat waves ready to crush our souls, everyone prefers to stay indoors. This struggle with the weather usually starts in the middle of April. However, this year has evidently been different. In April 2023, the weather in Delhi has seen a significant shift. The city recorded the lowest temperature in May, since 2003.

Delhi Sees The Lowest Temperature In May Since 2003

Light rain in Delhi
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The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) previously anticipated a major dip in heat, brought about by a western disruption over the northwest part of the nation. Consequently, the city saw a 5° C drop in temperature compared to the 25.8° C recorded on April 30. This morning, the recorded temperature was 19.6°C. Since 2003, Delhi has never experienced such low temperatures in the hot month of May.

The lowest-ever May temperature, 15.2° C, in Delhi, was recorded on May 2, 1969. On the other hand, the highest-ever temperature in Delhi was 47.2° C, recorded on May 29, 1944. Apart from this major dip in heat, IMD also forecasted thunderstorms in the national capital until May 3. These storms will likely slow down after that. The weather agency also predicts that precipitation levels in the entire country will dwindle by May 5.

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The Weather Fluctuations Will Have Vast Effects 

Delhi lowest temperature in Delhi
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Surely, the heat was getting insufferable for all Delhiites, and this drop in temperature will come as a great relief. This temperature drop will ease the irritability caused by the last few weeks of scorching heat. Apart from the relief, these instabilities in the climate will also have an impact on agriculture in the capital city.

With respect to fluxes in weather, Kedarnath Dham, Uttarakhand, has been experiencing persistent snowfall since Monday morning. In light of the drastic weather conditions, the Uttarakhand Police Department has urged travellers to reassess their travel plans as per the weather forecast. In case any assistance is required during travel, the police department also urged everyone to dial 112.

While the diminished heat waves may come as a relief, the untimely weather changes will also pose some adverse impacts.

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