Delhi To Introduce Food Trucks And Foodies Can’t Keep Calm

by Sushmita Mahanta
Delhi To Introduce Food Trucks And Foodies Can’t Keep Calm

To promote Delhi as the ‘Food Truck Capital’ and make provisions for ease of operating food trucks across the city, the Delhi government is all set to roll out a food truck policy in the national capital. Well, that means a lot of food trucks in the city and foodies can’t seem to keep calm! After a review meeting on Tuesday, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia revealed via a tweet that the food truck policy along with the Delhi shopping festival are two top priorities for the government as of now and both will be launched soon. He also added that after the launch, Delhi will be the first in India to bring a food truck policy along the lines of countries like the US and the UK.

The Hotspots To Park The Food Trucks Will Soon be Finalised

Delhi Government is paying close attention to finalizing and launching the food truck policy in the city at the earliest. And that means foodies in Delhi can soon explore all the unique cuisines offered by the food trucks. Introducing the food trucks and the food truck policy will also enhance and complement the existing foodscape in Delhi. Now, if you are craving to know about the locations of the food trucks, you will have to be a little patient. According to Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, the government is in the process of finalizing the hotspots where food trucks will be allowed to park for the public in Delhi. Sisodia also revealed that Stakeholder consultation with various agencies has already been conducted with regard to food trucks.

About Delhi’s Food Truck Policy

Delhi will soon be having a lot of new food trucks for the foodies to explore. The soon-to-be-launched food truck policy of Delhi aims to provide the highest quality food options to both tourists and locals. The objective of the policy is to enhance and complement the existing food landscape in Delhi and to bring more special gourmet foods to the streets. The new food truck policy is also a potential catalyst for the night-time economy in Delhi, one of the provisions announced in the Master Plan of Delhi 2041.

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