Delhi-Toronto Air Canada Flight Gets Bomb Threat; After Inspection, Airport Officials Confirm The Threat Was Hoax

Authorities at the Delhi airport conducted a thorough inspection after the bomb threat but did not find any suspicious items.

by Tashika Tyagi
Delhi-Toronto Air Canada Flight Gets Bomb Threat; After Inspection, Airport Officials Confirm The Threat Was Hoax

A Toronto-bound Air Canada flight from Delhi received a bomb threat email on Tuesday. After a thorough search by the airport officials and an aircraft screening process, the threat was declared a hoax as they couldn’t find any suspicious items on the flight. This is the fourth bomb threat incident reported in the last few weeks.

Delhi-Toronto Air Canada Flight Gets Bomb Threat

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On Tuesday, a Delhi-Toronto Air Canada flight (AC43) was scheduled to take off from Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI Airport), Delhi. However, the flight was sent to the isolation bay when it received a bomb threat email. The Delhi airport officials did a thorough inspection and screening process to ensure passengers’ safety. Thankfully, the email was a hoax as the airport officials couldn’t find anything suspicious on the flight during the inspection.

According to reports, the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) office at IGI Airport received a bomb threat email at 10:50 PM on June 4. The email mentioned that a bomb had been placed on the Air Canada flight heading towards Toronto. The airport officials adhered to the standard security protocols and ordered a thorough inspection of the aeroplane. They, however, did not find anything suspicious inside it. As for now, the Delhi Police has warned that legal action in the matter is underway.

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Recent Similar Flight Scares That Turned Out To Be Hoax

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The bomb threat on Air Canada flight is the fourth incident in a string of similar cases in the last few weeks. Just last week, a similar bomb threat was reported on a Paris-Mumbai Vistara flight. The plane had 306 passengers and crew members onboard. Following the incident, a full emergency was declared at the Mumbai airport. Another Delhi-Srinagar Vistara flight with 177 passengers onboard received a bomb threat on Friday. The pilot was able to land safely in Srinagar and the threat turned out to be a hoax call.

In a similar incident, On May 28, an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Varanasi received a bomb threat. The crew was able to evacuate 176 passengers and the threat turned out to be untrue. The latest similar incident happened on June 1 when a Chennai-Mumbai IndiGo flight received a threat. However, no suspicious items were found on the flight.

These recurring incidents are really concerning. They hamper flight schedules, traumatise passengers, and lead to unnecessary chaos at the airport. We hope the authorities are able to find out the miscreants behind these cases soon.

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