Delhi Weather: Temperature Soars Close To 40 Degrees Celsius; Heatwave Expected

Delhi's summer is reaching its peak.

by Mallika Khurana
Delhi Weather: Temperature Soars Close To 40 Degrees Celsius; Heatwave Expected

In the heart of India’s bustling capital, Delhi, the summer sun reigns supreme, casting its fiery gaze upon the city streets as temperatures soar to scorching heights. With the mercury steadily climbing, Friday witnessed the thermometer peak at a sweltering 39.4 degrees Celsius, setting the stage for a sizzling season ahead. But as the city braces itself for the relentless heatwave, meteorological predictions hint at even hotter days to come. Here are all the Delhi weather updates you need today.

Delhi Weather Is Turning Towards Scorching Heat

Delhi summer
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According to the India Meteorological Department’s forecast, next week promises to push the limits of endurance. The temperatures are reaching dangerously close to the 40-degree mark. Brace yourselves, for April 24th and 25th are anticipated to be particularly scorching. As per the Indian Express reports, the thermometers are threatening to breach the 41-degree milestone.

On Saturday morning, Delhiites woke up to find little respite from the oppressive warmth. According to PTI reports via The Week, the city’s temperature dipped only slightly, recording a minimum of 23.3 degrees Celsius, a mere two notches above the season’s average. Yet, even in the early hours, the humidity hung heavy at 60 per cent, casting a palpable heaviness over the landscape.

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AQI Plummets Into ‘Poor’ Zone

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But it’s not just the relentless heat that grips the city; Delhi’s skies tell a tale of their own. Throughout the day, clear blue dominates the skyline. However, occasional strong surface winds would also be witnessed. 

Amidst the scorching temperatures and shifting skies, Delhiites face another adversary: the city’s ever-deteriorating air quality. According to PTI reports via The Week, by 9 am, the Air Quality Index (AQI) painted a grim picture. It hovered ominously in the “poor” category at 217, according to the Central Pollution Control Board. An AQI between zero and 50 is deemed “good,” while anything above 200 inches is dangerously towards “very poor” territory.

So, as the residents of Delhi venture out into the world, armed with sunglasses and sunscreen, they navigate through streets thick with the oppressive weight of the summer sun. 

Welcome to summer in Delhi, where each day is a battle between man and weather.

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