Delhi’s AN Jha Deer Park Shuts Down After 55 Years; Over 100 Deers To Become Preys For Leopards

Deer Park
by Shreya Ghosh

Delhi is going to witness the closing down of one of its most popular parks, the Aditya Nath Jha Deer Park. Nestled in Hauz Khas, this park has always been a well-known place in the national capital for fun hangout sessions. Unfortunately, now it is time to bid goodbye to this place as the authorities have cancelled the significant recognition of this park. The recognition of being Delhi’s mini zoo has now been cancelled by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

Here’s Why AN Jha Deer Park Lost Its Tag:

Deer Park

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On 8 June 2023, the Central Zoo Authority ordered the cancellation of this park’s mini zoo recognition, according to a report by The New Indian Express. Several reports state that the park noticed a huge increase in the number of deer living inside. Along with the surge in the deer population, there are insufficient people to take care of the animals and operate the place properly. Falling under the Delhi Development Authority’s jurisdiction, the deers living here will soon be relocated to other places.

The park may get closed, but the area will be open for people to visit. It continues to be a protected area just like before.

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According to a report by LiveMint, the Environment Ministry has advised shifting these deers to Delhi and Rajasthan. These two places are the natural habitats of these animals. To come to the conclusion of this major decision, a meeting was held on 30 January. The meeting discussed plans to cancelling the deer park’s tag and the relocation of its deer.

This Wildlife Sanctuary Might Be Their New Home!

Deer Park

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According to a report by the Indian Express, the forest department of Delhi wishes that the relocated place for AN Jha Deer Park’s deers is Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary in New Delhi. The doors to the AN Jha Deer Park opened in the 1960s with only 6 deers. In these decades, the population has increased to a huge extent. Today, more than 600 deers are living in this Hauz Khas park. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate stated in a letter that 70 per cent of this population will be shifted to Rajasthan and the rest to Delhi.

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Right now, about 8 leopards are residing at the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. And now the plans state that many deers will be relocated to the wildlife sanctuary with leopards.

Have you ever been to the AN Jha Deer Park?

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