Did You Know You Can Have Royal Tea Like The English Folks At Buckingham Palace?

by Mallika Khurana
Did You Know You Can Have Royal Tea Like The English Folks At Buckingham Palace?

Did you ever think you could stroll around at Buckingham Palace and order a cup of tea or coffee? As farfetched as it sounds, you can! The Garden Café at Buckingham Palace offers a unique and delightful experience for visitors during the summer months. From Friday, 14 July to Sunday, 24 September 2023, the iconic Buckingham Palace opens its doors to the public, allowing them to explore its grandeur and history. This 10-week window provides an exceptional opportunity to discover the opulence of the 19 State Rooms, each exquisitely adorned and showcasing the regal heritage of the British monarchy.

Bite Into Deliciousness At The Garden Café, Buckingham Palace 

Buckingham palace
Photo Credits: Website/Royal Collection Trust

One of the highlights of this visit is the chance to partake in afternoon tea on the terrace, a truly enchanting experience. Imagine sipping tea while overlooking the magnificent palace gardens, a setting that epitomizes elegance and serenity. The garden terrace provides a picturesque backdrop, offering a glimpse into the royal lifestyle and the captivating beauty of the surroundings. Another focal point of the visit is the special Coronation display, a tribute to British history and tradition.

Among the remarkable exhibits are the coronation robes of Charles and Camilla, a glimpse into the regal ceremonies that mark pivotal moments in the monarchy’s timeline. While visitors are unable to capture photos of these sacred items, the visual impact and historical significance are deeply moving. The tour also takes guests through the resplendent Throne Room, a space that has witnessed countless royal events. While photography isn’t permitted here, the experience of standing in a room where momentous decisions and occasions have unfolded throughout history is awe-inspiring.

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It Is A Royal Affair Like No Other

tea at Buckingham palace
Photo Credits: Website/Royal Collection Trust

Following the exploration of the palace’s interior, visitors have the chance to indulge in a delightful culinary experience. The Garden Café offers a variety of options, from coffee to indulgent afternoon tea and refreshing ice cream. This allows guests to relax and savour the moment while enjoying delectable treats that complement the regal ambiance.  The gardens of Buckingham Palace offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A leisurely walk through these impeccably landscaped grounds provides a chance to absorb the natural beauty and tranquility that has graced the palace for generations.

Overall, a visit to Buckingham Palace during its summer opening presents an unparalleled opportunity to immerse oneself in the grandeur of British royalty. It’s a day filled with cultural enrichment, historical appreciation, and moments of pure delight, making it a truly memorable and enchanting experience

Where: West Terrace, Buckingham Palace
When: 10 am – 7 pm
Cost: £27.50 (₹2,892 approx.)

Cover Image Courtesy: Website/Royal Collection Trust