Did You Know Your Nol Cards Can Be Used For Payments As Well?

by Dhruv Maniar
Did You Know Your Nol Cards Can Be Used For Payments As Well?

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Nol Cards aren’t just cards that get you along the city. It can be used much more than in the Metro, bus or tram. You could now actually pay with your Nol cards at various places. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has added more benefits with its Nol Cards.

Pay At Connivence Store 

You could actually pay for your groceries in and around 1000 stores across Dubai. You could pay at any zoom stores present at the metro or petrol stations across Dubai. Purchases can be done to a maximum limit of 5000 AED. 

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Credits: Pixabay

Taxi Payments and Parking

Does the Cab driver not have change or you have no coins to pay for your parking ticket machine? Nol Card will make this hassle-free. You could actually pay for your taxi and parking tickets on the road with the help of your Nol Cards. Gone are the days where you actually needed to carry coins for parking. 

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Credits: Pixabay

Park Entry 

To access the public parks of Dubai you will now need a Nol Card. The Dubai Municipality has come up with a smart gate at the park that will allow visitors to enter the park without waiting in line. 

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Credits: Pixabay

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