Dilliwalas! Here’s All That You Need To Know If You’re Celebrating Holi In The Capital

by Kanika Sharma
Dilliwalas! Here’s All That You Need To Know If You’re Celebrating Holi In The Capital

Amidst Coronavirus scare many public gatherings have been suspended. From Holi parties to large gatherings, all of it. But despite all of it, if the Dilliwala in you still can’t hold itself back from celebrating Holi, then here are few things that you need to know.

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Delhi Traffic Police On Guard

In order to keep drunken driving and the safety of other people on the road on check, the Delhi Traffic Police will makes sure that overly crowded areas are under check. Special teams will be deployed at prominent intersections and areas to make sure that no one gets harmed.

Picture Credit: Financial Express

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Offenders of drinking and driving, red-light jumping, triple riding, driving by minor, driving without helmet, will all be taken action against. This could also lead to offenders being suspended for about 3 months. According to news reports, the Delhi Police will also be deploying a staff of over 1600 people.

If You Are Taking The Public Transport

On Holi, the next best option to take apart from cabs is public transport. There will only be 898 Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses that will be plying during the afternoon. Apart from that, the Delhi Metro, and the Airport Express Line will only start operating from 2.30PM onwards. Prior to that, the services will be shut.

Picture Credit: DNA India

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So if you are all set for the Holi-day, please make sure that you play safe, be safe and ensure that no one else’s safety is compromised.