Ditch Japan, Catch Blooming Cherry Blossoms Right Here In India!

by Nainisha Mehta
Ditch Japan, Catch Blooming Cherry Blossoms Right Here In India!

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Cherry Blossoms can no longer be credited to Japan or Washington D.C. This year, from November 8-11, Shillong will have its own International Cherry Blossom Festival!

What is it?

Shillong’s International Cherry Blossom Festival was long overdue. The Khasi Hills of Meghalaya are where the Himalayan Cherry Blossoms grow wild in autumn. Shades of pink and whites fill the landscape for a picturesque view. The North-east has been attracting a lot of visitors for its natural beauty and distinct culture, this year on they have one more reason on the list! The State Government, the Institute of Bio resources and Sustainable Development and the Indian Council of Cultural Relations have given the Himalayan Cherry Blossoms the attention they need. Hence, they have organized a weeklong festival across several venues in Shillong by planting over 5000 samplings. The festival is also the world’s first Autumn Cherry Blossom Festival. The flowers are normally known to fully bloom in the months of March-June, India will see it in autumn!

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Cherry Blossoms Shillong
Cherry Blossoms in full bloom in Shillong. Source: tour my india

What else?

Besides upping your Instagram game under blooming flowers, you also get to enjoy live music, guided tours, nature walks, beauty pageants, bicycle rallies, story sessions, golfing and of course the food and art of the region. Be it rock concert or folk music, unplugged or western, dancing or choir performances, wine or crafts – Shillong will showcase its best talent at the International Festival. Enjoying the local flavors like their fish delicacies, plum and blackberry wines and buying handicrafts made from bamboo and silk is a must.

Cherry Blossom Shillong
Walk under Cherry Blossom Tress in Shillong. Source: yourshot.nationalgegraphic.com

Anything else?

It’s completely free! Once you enter the state, you’re going to be welcomed by nothing but gorgeousness. You can attend the festival at no cost. So, gear up to walk under lit trees, catch amazing artists and more importantly the beautiful Himalayan flowers.


When: November 8-11
Venues: Polo 2nd Ground, Ward’s Lake, JN Stadium, Tara Ghar, Shillong Golf Course
More details here
Average Ticket Price to Umroi: Rs. 7000 (one-way)


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