Ditching Fireworks To Curb Pollution, France’s Bordeaux Wine Festival Had 400 Drones Illuminate Sky

by Sanjana Shenoy
Ditching Fireworks To Curb Pollution, France’s Bordeaux Wine Festival Had 400 Drones Illuminate Sky

Wine connoisseurs or oenophiles look forward to the Bordeaux Wine Festival every year. This year, it was held from June 22nd to 25th, where attendees were part of wine-tasting programmes and other rich experiences. But the highlight of France’s Bordeaux Wine Festival 2023 was the spectacular drone show that replaced its annual fireworks show for environment-friendly purposes.

Bordeaux Wine Festival 2023: Drones Light Up The Sky Instead Of Fireworks

What makes Bordeaux Wine Festival 2023 stand out from its previous events is its futuristic approach. This year, the annual festival held a stunning drone show over its annual fireworks display. Over 400 drones lit up the night sky over the Garonne River in Bordeaux. There were 20-minute shows held on Friday and Saturday where the drones created stunning formations of wine being poured into a glass from a bottle, a vineyard and more.

Onlookers at the event were in awe as the drones later rearranged themselves to form ‘Bordeaux celebrates wine’  in bold letters in the night sky. Unlike other years where fireworks shows create awe among visitors but also left the sky cloudy, filled with smoke and pollution, this time there was an environment-friendly approach taken at the Bordeaux Wine Festival 2023.

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3D Printing Meets Fireworks!

According to a report by The Indian Express, the 400 drones for the event were manufactured by Dronisos. The name of this French company interestingly comes from the ancient Greek god of wine, Dionysos. And it’s not just visitors to the festival, the viral videos from the drone show have left Netizens beyond amazed. One person commented that people don’t need fireworks where there are drones with a taste of wine.

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Yet another Twitterati stated that drones can take marketing and graphic design to a whole new level. One Twitterati commented that the sky looks like 3D printing met fireworks. Another person stated that the wine festival seemed to have taken a step into the future. In his words, it left everyone buzzing and not just on the wine.

Meanwhile, have you ever sighted a drone show? Do let us know how was the experience and if you feel it’s a more eco-friendly alternative to a fireworks display.

Cover Image Courtesy: @TheFigen_/ Twitter