Doctor, Cabin Crew & Passengers Save Life Of Middle-Aged Flyer On Air India Express Flight Mid-Air

A doctor on an Air India Express flight saved the life of a passenger with the help of cabin crew members and some flyers.

by Shreya Ghosh
Doctor, Cabin Crew & Passengers Save Life Of Middle-Aged Flyer On Air India Express Flight Mid-Air

Falling sick while travelling is one of the scariest experiences anyone can face en route to their destination. The journey becomes the most worrisome and fearful when one falls sick on a flight flying high in the air. Recently, a woman passenger faced a medical emergency on an Air India Express flight. Gladly, there was a doctor and other people on board who saved her life.

Air India Express Passenger Had A Cardiac Arrest En Route

Air India Express Flight
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

It was on March 17, 2024, when the I5-764 flight bound for Pune departed from Delhi at about 4 AM, according to a report by The Times of India. According to the scheduled timing, the landing time at the Pune airport was at 6:10 AM. Though the journey towards the destination began smoothly, there was a massive obstacle on the way. In mid-air, a woman suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

Fortunately, one of the passengers on the flight was a doctor. Dr. Ashok Kumar Badamali was on the I5-764 flight when the unfortunate medical emergency occurred. After someone from the cabin crew asked for assistance if there was a doctor or a paramedic, Dr. Ashok Kumar Badamali quickly responded and walked ahead to the sick passenger.

In conversation with The Times of India, he shared how he found the woman to be bending on the tray table and her carotid pulse was fast. The worst part of all was how the middle-aged woman was panting to breathe and was unresponsive. Soon, the senior consultant at Bhubaneswar’s Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences provided immediate attention to save her life.

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Cabin Crews & Some Passengers Helped The Doctor To Save Her Life

Air India Express Flight
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

There is hardly any extra space inside an aircraft and it is too difficult to give CPR in such cramped areas. As the space in the seat was not sufficient to treat her and gain back her consciousness, the cabin crew members joined the doctor to get her off the seat. Unfortunately, this was not enough because of the narrow areas. Soon. a few co-passengers also joined the crew and doctor in supporting the sick woman and bringing her to another seat with a little bit extra space.

Next, Dr. Badamali gave her a carotid massage and chest compressions. These steps helped her pulse to come back to normal and she became semi-consciousness as well.

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We are thankful to the doctor, crew members, and everyone involved in saving the woman’s life.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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