Dolphins Return To Clean Venice Canals As Italy Enters Second Week Of Lockdown!

by Kanika Sharma
Dolphins Return To Clean Venice Canals As Italy Enters Second Week Of Lockdown!

Ever since the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID -19), all that the world has been talking about is how this epidemic has become a pandemic and taking lives. It started from Wuhan in China, and is now spread around the globe. But who knew, some good could also come out of such a dreadful disaster. Confused, read on!

Picture Credit: Unsplash

What’s Happening?

Not China, but Europe has now been declared as the epicentre of Coronavirus. Italy has been under a lockdown, and has now entered in its second week. People are locked inside their houses and have been sharing their world view from balconies and windows. One such view was recently shared from Venice. It was of dolphins swimming in the canal waters!

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Yes! It seems like the dolphins have returned to Venice. Many Venetians are tweeting pictures of clean canals, fishes, swans and dolphins that have found their way back.

What Could Be The Reason?

The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in many places being quarantined or being locked down. Factories are shut, no one is travelling, hardly any flights or vehicles, hence hardly anything is contributing to the pollution. This is making the atmosphere cleaner, which in turn is making the nature flourish.

Picture Credit: Unsplash

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This could be one of the reasons why the canals are cleaner and the wildlife is returning to its habitat. Irrespective, this news brings a smile on our faces. We hope, that we don’t chase them away like we did, the first time around.